Bittersweet is the day…

…on one’s fat loss journey when the favorite pair of unforgiving, non-stretch AG jeans slides on comfortably with nary a sign of the aesthetically-unpleasing and physically-uncomfortable muffin top when seated…


…But all seven of one’s vitally-necessary size 34B Champion Shape sports bras start to feel distressingly loose in the cup area.


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3 thoughts on “Bittersweet is the day…

  1. To the skinny jeans fitting: :em24: yeay!

    To the sports bras getting loose: :em49: noooo! Can’t you revise that one rule from your Wardrobe Refashion Challenge to include all undergarments, not just socks? Because seriously, I would not want to try to take in a sports bra and then have some thick seam digging into my skin as I try to perform hardcore workouts. Oh, I know, can you receive clothing as a gift since technically you didn’t purchase it? Then have DH get some on sale Champion sports bras for you??? :em32:

  2. Meghan – I think that asking for clothes sort of goes against the spirit of the challenge. The 34Bs aren’t THAT bad really. The thing about those Champion Shape bras is that they are indestructible. I have owned these for 2 years now, and they show no signs of wearing out. Great from a frugal cheapskate’s point of view, but not so great if you are looking for an excuse to pick up some new cute new ones on sale!

    I think, overall, I would rather save the money and put it towards tickets for the PDB cruise next year!

  3. I here ya! Somehow the girls ‘suddenly’ shrunk a while back, and one day I put on my 36B sports bra only to find a sudden abundance of room in there. Even worse is that I mention to the DH that the girls are shrinking and he says “I know”. :em29:

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