10/19/07 Log: Lazy Weekend Plans

139.4 again today. Meals 5 and 6 were a bit carbier than usual, though. I am going to chug water and stick to a late evening meal of a peanut butter protein shake tonight and see what happens in the morning.

I swapped out my Friday and Saturday workouts to give my chest and back a rest after yesterday’s pushup blitz. My ARMPITS are sore after those 225 pushups, if you can believe it! I did do forza this morning with some semblance of competence after a creaky start (who knew you needed muscles in your armpits to raise a wooden bokken over and over?), I am happy to report. I love swinging that sword around!

Meals are packed and there is enough bulk-prepped roasted chicken breast, veggies, and brown rice to get me through the whole weekend.

No major plans this weekend besides the UCF 2-miler on Sunday (one of my goals) and a lot of reading. I have a huge stack of books from the library waiting for me! About 6 of them are fiction (I’m on a dark fantasy kick right now with Laurell K. Hamilton, Lilith Saintcrow, Charlaine Harris, and Simon R. Green, and I also have Terry Pratchett’s latest Discworld novel, Making Money), but the other two are fitness/diet related: The New Rules of Lifting by Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgove and You: On a Diet by the authors of You: The Owner’s Manual.

Oh, and I need to finish sewing the two dresses I am planning to wear in LA next weekend. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we won’t have to work this Saturday or Sunday.

While I am on the topic of sewing, I have to own up to a minor slip in my 1-year ban on purchasing any new clothing-related items. I picked up Vogue pattern V8465 from the VoguePatterns.com free pattern promotion for $3.18 (s/h) this week. It’s an extremely dashing asymmetrical coat pattern that would be perfect for one of those two bolts of garishly pink boucle’ suitings I got on clearance earlier this year.

Vogue 8465

Boucle suiting

– Forza (60 min)
– Walk (15 min)

M1: 30 g raisins, 30 g oats, 2.5 oz. chicken breast
M2: French toast and scrambled eggs (2 slices Nature’s Own Wheat ‘n’ Fiber bread, 1 whole egg, 3 egg whites, about 2 T. of light soy milk), 1/2 c. sauteed spinach, and 1 T. honey
M3: Pineapple soy protein smoothie
M4: 3 oz. lime and honey roasted chicken breast, 1/4 c. (dry measure) brown rice, 1 c. mixed veggies
M5: TBD (Might be cheat meal)
M6: Chocolate peanut butter protein shake (Optional. This meal may be skipped if M5 is larger than expected.)

4 thoughts on “10/19/07 Log: Lazy Weekend Plans

  1. Maggie, is Forza a book only, or is there a DVD? It sounds like tremendous fun, but I don’t know how convenient it would be to do the exercise, look in the book, do the next exercse… Thanks a bunch. :em69:

  2. Charity – There is a Forza DVD available through http://www.powerstrike.com. That is generally what I mean when I list “Forza” in my workout logs. I wanted to get proficient at the timing of the basic strikes, cuts, and routines in the DVD before tackling the book.

  3. Dawn – I love the look of a figure competitor’s physique, but frankly, I am too cheap to spend the kind of money needed to compete on stage myself at this point in my life, especially with $4500 left on my car loan to pay off and a currently nonexistent emergency fund to build! And, well, I don’t function very well at work at daily intake levels below 1300 calories nowadays, and I suspect I’d have to go there and into low-carb territory (also not a fun place for me) pretty often during the course of a pre-contest diet.

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