10/23/07 Log: First Shapeshift workout

Nutrition was good yesterday but on the high end of my carb range. Back up to 139.6 as a result, but that will drop by tomorrow.

I’m nearly caught up on my workouts. I took yesterday off, so I pulled a double today, getting in my missed SS workout from yesterday, intervals, and 25 out of 45 minutes of today’s lower intensity cardio. I will make up the rest during lunch with some extra walking and maybe some stairs in the next building. I’m tempted to take my bokken to work and do a 20 minute Forza workout, but I don’t know if the ceiling is high enough.

I need to get all of my gym workouts done before Saturday since I will be in Cali (yes, in SoCal fire country) for a wedding this weekend. My sister says her apartment complex in Pasadena has a decent gym, but I would rather just do cardio there.

I’m working until 10 tonight so meals 2-5 will all be at work.

But let’s talk about my first Shapeshift workout!

The structure of a Shapeshift strength workout is very similar to Turbulence Training–not too surprising since TT author Craig Ballantyne is one of the people behind the Shapeshift program along with Alwyn Cosgrove of Afterburn and New Rules of Lifting fame. Each workout begins with a bodyweight 3-exercise warm up circuit that is performed twice with 8 reps per exercise, then goes straight into a posterior chain exercise which may or may not be weighted. Today’s workout was a “top effort” posterior chain day, so the Romanian deadlifts I performed used progressively higher weights until the 4th, top effort set. I’m still easing my way back into the program and only did 115 lbs on set 4. The rest of the workout consisted of two pairs of non-competing supersets that also used muscles in the posterior chain. (See my SS Excel log sheet for more details.)

The session wrapped up with 6 sets of intervals which I chose to perform on a treadmill, warming up with an incline walk at 3.5 mph/5% incline for five minutes, then launching into blocks of 9 mph for 60 seconds + 3.5 mph for 90 seconds. My total workout time was 51:28, which wasn’t too shabby. I was already dripping sweat midway through the first complementary superset, so even the lifting was a bit aerobic. I didn’t feel like I’d worked myself to failure during the workout, but those aforementioned posterior chain muscles all felt nice and zingy afterwards, like they were all saying, “Finally! It’s about time we got some attention!”

I think this program is just what I need at this stage in my training.

– SS Top Effort PC + interval run (6 sets 9 mph x 60 sec/3.5 mph x 90 sec.)
– LISS incline walk (3.5 mph @ 7.5% incline, 25 min.)
– Walk (30 min)

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