10/24/07 Log: I’m not being conceited, I’m leveling up!

139.0 this morning and still slightly poufy. I didn’t quite get in a gallon of water yesterday, but I will do better today. Water weight is so annoying.

This morning I did the Shapeshift relative posterior chain workout followed by six sets of bw interval circuits. It literally kicked my butt because by bum is so sore from yesterday’s first SS session. The max reps on the single-leg bodyweight deadlifts today were just one long OUCH. I could only do 30 on each side with good form. This quick onset of DOMS (under 12 hours) completely reinforces my determination to follow the Shapeshift program instead of returning to the Body By O split. Clearly my posterior chain has been lagging behind the glamor muscles in the front of my body, and I am glad that this program specifically addresses the issue.

Technically I should have had a recovery day between the workouts, but I cannot afford to move my training schedule down by a day this week due to the upcoming weekend LA trip. Besides, I have hit 100% of my workouts this challenge and will not let a bit of DOMS ruin my streak.

Note: If I am not violently sick or injured, I suck it up and just do the workout. I tell myself that I always feel better afterwards and another 1/7 lb is gone.

I am a little tired because I didn’t get off from work until almost 11 pm. I had my cheat item last night, an Olive Garden breadstick that came with the lasagna the company ordered for dinner. I packed the lasagna away for DH to have tonight. Yay me!

Speaking of DH, he laughs and accuses me of being conceited because I keep admiring my delts, back, quads, abs, and tris in the mirror now that I’ve burned off enough fluff to see some definition again. He clearly doesn’t understand that what I do is no different than him leveling up a roleplaying character’s strength, stamina, charisma, and agility in a video game or D&D. I just do it in real life–to myself.


Food will be 100% on plan today and I am shooting for 20 cups of water. Four are down so far; one gallon to go!

(And I *AM* glad I did the full planned workout this morning instead of subbing something easier. I think that missing a workout that has been scheduled causes me nagging, low-level stress throughout the day and even through the rest of the week until I finally get caught up. In You: The Owner’s Manual, the authors say that this sort of constant, subconscious stress from unfinished tasks can weaken your immune system and age you prematurely.)

Oh, and there are flats of Krispy Kreme doughnuts in every room of the office today to celebrate our project being in beta at last, including one flat that is just 5 feet away from my desk. But I’m not particularly tempted because I am bolstered by my workout session. It’s amazing how much stronger my drive is to stick to my clean eats when I’ve worked out first thing in the morning.

KK doughnuts make me nauseous anyway. I’m more of a Dunkin Donuts French cruller fan. At 150 calories a pop, you can almost convince yourself it works as a carb portion. 😉

– Shapeshift Relative PC with 1-leg Deadlifts (40 min)
– Bodyweight interval circuits (6 sets) (18 min)
– Walk (15 min)

One thought on “10/24/07 Log: I’m not being conceited, I’m leveling up!

  1. All your talk of Shapeshift has me considering it. I bought it along with TT for Women a couple of months ago and I’m just wrapping up TT for Abs. I was thinking of doing another 4 week TT program before committing to a 16 week program…but you’re inspiring me.

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