Running is not my Zen

Here are some UCF 2-miler pics from this past Sunday!

Notice how NOT zen I am feeling during the run. This pretty much sums up why I am not a runner.

Other, GOOD runners float peacefully through their runs. I force myself to power through every single session with a combination of sheer, bloody-minded stubbornness, stored up rage, and the slow-building but inexorable momentum of a herd of stampeding mammoths.

(I am told that I wear this same expression at the gym whilst doing cardio, squats, pull ups, pulldowns, rows, deadlifts, bench presses, pushups, and ab work as well. No wonder no one ever pesters me.)

Airborne annoyance!

The only good part about a race (and running in general) is the bit where you get to stop at the end.

Hurray!  I'm finished!

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