11/5/07 Log: The Week in Review

Hey folks! I’m back!

Between my trip out to LA for my friend’s wedding the weekend before last and almost 4 full days of comp time from my company to celebrate getting our latest game title out the door and to the publisher for final approval, I’ve been offline longer than I expected. I kept up with my strength training while I was off the radar, but cardio and eating were a bit patchier, especially since I had given myself permission to have normally-forbidden candy during Halloween week. On the positive side, I finished four books that had nothing to do with fitness, work, cooking or finance – Yes, I actually read for fun! I feel as if my brain cells have received a much-needed injection of new vocabulary, artistic inspiration, and proof that there is still some vestige of creativity and sense in the world. Oh, and I also got a lot of house work done, brought the joy of karaoke to my hair dude Dante’s post-Halloween party Saturday night, and re-certified in Adult CPR/AED this weekend.

I weighed in this morning at an uber-bloated 143.4 thanks to TTOM water retention, higher-than-usual starchy carb consumption this past week (pretty much starting from my friend Susan’s Malibu rehearsal dinner and wedding – which also got injected with impromptu karaoke thanks to me and my writer friend and bridesmaid Emily – on 10/27 and 10/28 and extending all the way through yesterday), and my allotted week of Halloween candy, but I recorded it on my calendar anyway. I’m offsetting the high weigh-in with a pledge to cast off eight pounds of extraneous fluff by the end of November. (I figure that three or four pounds are just H2O and will drop off by the end of this week with clean eats, daily cardio, and the end of TTOM.) I tossed out the remaining Halloween candy this morning since my free candy week is over.

Anyway, workouts are back in line, and the Shapeshift lifting routine continues to challenge my hamstrings, glutes, and back, which is quite awesome. I am pleasantly sore from the BB sumo squats I did Saturday; I only used 135 lbs, but I wanted to focus on form before moving the weight up more. I’m also getting into the habit of doing as many chin-ups as possible every time I walk into my bedroom. (We have an over-the-door chin-up bar set up in that doorway.) I figure this won’t take up much time, and maybe I will end this UC being able to do 10 in a row. I’m up to 5 consistently and 6 every once in a while. I’m also going to do the Spartan run workout for time once a week for the next 4 weeks to see if I improve.

And, er, as a bonus personal challenge I plan to do Stew Smith’s Pushup Push routine for 10 days just to keep things interesting. You start off by seeing how many pushups you can do in 2 minutes before you start the program. Then on ODD days, you do 200 pushups in as few sets as possible all in one session. On EVEN days, you do 200 pushups throughout the day in your choice of sets/reps. After 10 days, you rest for 3 days, then take another diagnostic 2 minute pushup test to see how you’ve improved.

Fun times!

I forgot to mention that I didn’t have time to get in my SS workout this morning, so in penance I turned my usual 15 minute lunch walk into a 30 minute TT interval session of walk/sprint just now. Thank goodness the weather has cooled down enough for me to get away with this. I feel less like a lazy bum now, and as a bonus, my hamstrings and glutes feel a LOT better after the activity. The DOMS from Saturday was starting to get annoying.

I also want to say that sprinting is much more fun outdoors than on a treadmill, and that English muffins with honey, peanut M&Ms, Take 5 snack size candy bars, and big bowls of spaghetti are apparently the equivalent of rocket fuel to my riceburner of a body, because I was FAST today.

Okay, okay…I’m back on the nutrition wagon now. No more boxed cereal or processed carbs outside of my two scheduled cheats (and no more ice cream or candy at all) until the end of the challenge. I’ve had a week of eating la vida loca, and THAT is enough for me.

I’ll get the lifting done tonight. I’ll check how busy the gym is first. Even when it’s packed, at least one of the two squat racks is usually free, so I should be able to do my warm up, max effort deadlift, and maybe the cable exercises in the routine there. Since the interval portion is already done, the workout should only take me 35 minutes or so to complete.

As far as my various challenge goals go, here’s my progress:

1. Complete 100% of my planned workouts.
In progress; so far so good. I have completed every planned workout, although some have been belated.

2. Lose 8 lbs of fat by adhering to my nutrition 95% of the time (2 cheats per week).
In progress. I will need to hit 134-135 lbs by the end of November and 130-132 lbs by Dec. 31 to meet this goal.

3. Pay off all remaining credit card balances from the wedding.
In progress but pretty much complete. I have budgeted for the two remaining payments on my Discover card and will be free of wedding debt (and all revolving debt) by January 10, 2008. Beyond that, I have also made a plan to get our household completely debt-free except for the mortgage (I still owe 4k on my Camry, Chris has around 12k in student loans for his MBA to pay off, and we have a 3k HELOC balance that we racked up paying for our new AC system) by August 2009 with a $10,000 emergency fund in place by December 31, 2009. We are both saving quite a lot for retirement already (22% for me and 15% for DH), so we will be in great financial shape in just two years!

4. Draw and post one new drawing each week here and in my blog.
Ugh! Failed miserably to keep this promise to myself due to my horrible work crunch the past 2 months. I will extend this goal through 12/31 and start to draw and post art work this week.

5. Complete the Runner’s World Beginner 5k training plan in weeks 2-6(See below) and run in the U Can Finish 2 or 5 miler at the U. of Central Florida on 10/21.
COMPLETE! Finished EVERY workout in the 5k training plan and ran the UCF 2-miler in 17:45 on 10/21

– Outdoor Walk/Sprint Intervals (30 min)
– SS Max PC Day (35 min)
– 200 pushups in one session