Sweet Potato Overload!

Erm, so…

Anyone have about a month’s worth of sweet potato recipes?

The grocery store had them on sale for 25 cents/pound (usually the going rate is an outrageous 89 cents/pound!), and let’s just say that I spent $3.75 on sweet potatoes Tuesday.

You do the math.

And I’ll probably go back for more.

(I’m leaning toward lots of baked fries and chips for this week and a mass bake and puree session for long-term storage in the freezer.)

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4 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Overload!

  1. Consider making a stew with the salmon (tilapia will work as well) your sweet potatos and some other veggies. Tastes great.

    CJ :em69:

  2. Mmm sweet potatoes. Wish I could help out with recipes, but I usually just boil them with a little salt. Have fun working your way through them!

  3. Dang I need your grocery. I spend $1.99 per pound for sweet potatoes.
    I like to just bake them thinly sliced until crispy covering them with SPIKE. I’ve also been buying them pre-julienned at Costco. I love sweet potatoes. You can also slice, coat with herb & freeze that way so you are not stuck with puree.

  4. I dig them in lentil soup, made into sort-of a baked “pie” with splenda and egg beaters (you could make a crust out of processed oats potentially), mashed and mixed with pineapple. I bet you could also make them savory with some sage and shallots.

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