11/19/07 Log: Weekend Recap

Hello hello! I am still here! I took Friday off from work to attend a small business startup seminar and spent most of the rest of the day reading and then hitting my favorite karaoke bar. It was a great night, not only because I got to sing at least 6 times, but also because of the company — my karaoke pals Ed, Sarah, Dante, Dorothy, and Eric were all present. 🙂

Saturday I had a 9 AM hair cut with Dante (Yes, the same fellow who was belting out karaoke tunes the night before.) followed by an hour long introduction to capoeira class at the CBP East school about 8 miles from my house near the UCF campus. That was a lot of fun…hopefully I can work something out so I can make it to 2x/week evening classes starting in January. After DH got home from his martial arts class, we decided to brave a trip to the newly-opened IKEA megastore in Orlando, which pretty much took the rest of the day between traffic (awful) and the crowds at the store itself (worse). I went to bed early with an IKEA-induced migraine so I’d be ready bright and early for our 8 AM Trash the Dress photo shoot on Sunday at Wekiwa Springs park.

Sunday I was up at 6 AM trying to do my own hair and makeup (My usual grooming routine consists of a dash of soft wax and shine serum for my hair and an equally small dab of SPF 15 moisturizer for my face, so actually DOING my hair and makeup is weird.), figure out what jewelry I’d be wearing (I borrowed some from my mother for the actual wedding in July) that could survive a dunk in the springs without getting lost or taking damage, and hopping into my dress again for the first time since July 7. It was slightly looser than before, but fortunately my sister had sewn in a ribbon belt at the waistline inside the dress to help hold it up.

We got to the park around 8:15 AM and spent the next hour or so with photographer Lori Barbely and her husband/assistant snapping pictures of us in the woods, on a bridge, and jumping/swimming/floating in the 70 degree spring water. Luckily, it was sunny out and in the upper 70s, or we’d have been very, very cold, LOL.

I’m very excited to see the pics and can’t wait to share a few of them here!

After the shoot, Chris, me, and my parents drove down to my mother in law’s house for an early Thanksgiving meal. I kept my portions reasonable, but definitely overdid it on the starchy carbs. I’m expecting a great interval run tonight as a result. My parents contributed some delicious Singapore style curry rice noodles with shrimp that I quite enjoyed. The rest of the meal featured typical Thanksgiving classics – roast turkey, green beans (boiled?) with onions, Caesar salad, corn bread with almonds and cranberries, apple pie, rolls, pumpkin pie, marshmallow covered yams, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and probably some other carby thing I cannot recall. It wasn’t bad, but there are a LOT of other meals and foods I like better.

I’m doing my best to get back on plan today as we head into the real Thanksgiving Day. On Thursday we will be dining with my parents and having shabu shabu (Japanese hot pot) with seafood and veggies, sashimi, fruit, and crab cakes (my husband is attempting to make these). I’m so relieved that there won’t be any more turkey. It’s my least favorite edible bird.

I’m hitting the gym right after work (clothes and shoes are packed) and knocking out my Shapeshift weights and intervals. During lunch (e.g. right now) I’m heading out for my walk and 30 minutes of bodyweight circuits and capoeira basic move practice. Food is packed and ready through meal 5, and I am going to kick ass today!

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