11/20/07 Log: Trashing the Dress and Giving Up Blood

I am sleeping WAY too well these days. The cooler the weather gets, the more comfortable my pillow and mattress seem to feel!

I got up and did my SS workout this morning (my chin ups are hanging at around 6 in a row before I have to resort to negatives), had breakfast, and toddled off to work with my lunch bag full of healthy food.

I plan to donate blood at lunch this afternoon after my walk, so tonight’s bonus cardio will involve me sitting on my butt on a recumbent bike pedaling at a low intensity (HR between 120-135 BPM). I will have my NASM textbook on hand for some light reading and possibly my Nintendo DS with Brain Age loaded up as well, because one might as well be productive if one MUST engage in slow, boring cardio. I’ll save the heavy lifting and high intensity cardio for tomorrow. The blood center is passing out a $10 Publix grocery store gift card as well as the usual coupon goodies and Darden restaurant cards, so this is a pretty good haul for unplugging a vein for 10 minutes. The grocery card should just about cover the ingredients for the crab cakes Chris wants to make for Thursday and a much-needed bottle of light soy milk for my morning cereal.

In Trash the Dress news, our photographer posted a few preview pics today!

– SS Repetitive PC + Intervals
– Walk (15 minutes)
– Low intensity Recumbent Bike (45-60 min)

4 thoughts on “11/20/07 Log: Trashing the Dress and Giving Up Blood

  1. You guys look amazing! What a great idea! 🙂

    And unplugging that vein is completely worth it. I’ve considered getting plasma taken for a little extra dinero also. Please tell me the needles are not that scary?

  2. :em69:
    Maggie you guys look stunning. I especially like the bridge shot. It’s very princess bride or sound of music with the way the light is reflecting in. What great advertising for your photographer.

  3. Wow, that is a fabulous way to do away with a dress!! You look fabulous, and running into a lake in a fabulous frock looks like FUN!

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