What’s Your Best Quality?

Best Quality Chart

I took the Tickle.com “What’s your best quality?” PhD premium quiz last night (it’s free through Dec. 2 if you want to give a shot, too) out of curiosity and learned that:

“Maggie, your top quality is Independence. Combined with your second- and third-ranked qualities, Intelligence and Confidence, you have a very unique set of characteristics you can use to your advantage.

Only .04 percent of all people share these three top qualities. While these are your top three qualities, all 15 or your core qualities contribute to who you are and how you go through life.”

Quality #1: Independence

Quality Description
Being highly independent means liking to do things on one’s own and being naturally self-sufficient. Independent people are as a whole more determined than most and tend to have higher intelligence. However, it is also true that one can be independent without having high determination or intelligence and vice-versa. Another thing most highly independent people have in common is that they can possess a greater sense of integrity than many people around them do.

Your Score
You received a score of 100 out of 100 on this dimension. This indicates that compared with other people who took Tickle’s test you have relatively higher level of confidence.

Quality #2: Intelligence

Quality Description
People scoring high in intelligence are more likely to be unique. Higher intelligence offers greater possibilities in terms of how someone is likely to interpret the world. In addition, intelligent people are typically more able to articulate themselves well and to have high integrity.

Your Score
You received a score of 100 out of 100 on this dimension, indicating that compared with other people who took Tickle’s test, you have relatively higher intelligence.

Quality #3: Confidence

Quality Description
Scoring highly on this quality indicates that you are confident in life. People with high confidence are more likely than most to believe in themselves and to feel that they are strong, secure, intelligent, and sexy. In fact, all of the qualities that people can tend to feel insecure or uneasy about, confident types tend to feel positive about and secure in. In addition to these strengths, confident people are more likely to be articulate, somewhat optimistic, and unique.

Your Score
You received a score of 83 out of 100 on this dimension indicating that you have relatively more confidence than many of the people who took Tickle’s test.

Of course, my two lowest qualities are Compassion and Romanticism–no surprise there. I am too pragmatic and logical to be much of a romantic (though I have an oddball addiction to Regency era romance novels a la Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice). As far as the abysmal Compassion score goes, I think the test is skewed so that the more you lean towards Honesty (I scored 77 out of 100 in that quality and my two top qualities are both linked to a high degree of integrity), the lower your Compassion scores go. In other words, because I generally don’t sugar-coat my words with treacly white lies when someone asks for my *honest* opinion, the test says I am an unsympathetic meaniepants.

Don’t worry, I’m not bothered by this.

I am, however, kind of affronted that I also scored very low on Easygoing! I’ve always thought of myself as fairly laid back compared to other people, especially compared to other women like my many certified Drama Mama roommates, friends, and relatives, but perhaps I am just deluding myself on this matter. I do want to point out that I didn’t freak out even ONCE during all those months of wedding preparations (seriously–no tears, no yelling, no breakdowns, no Bridezilla manifestations), don’t get riled up over stupid little things like imagined social slights (I’m usually too oblivious about other people’s reactions, facial expressions, and existences in general to notice), and am truly a go with the flow kind of gal when out with friends.

Just because I am quite driven about certain aspects of my life like finances, fitness, and learning does NOT mean I’m not easygoing, right?


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