1/11/08 Log: Me…Only Better

My right bicep still felt off this morning, so I am moving my 2K3 workout A to Saturday morning to give it one more day to heal. Instead of the 2K3 workout, I did 45 minutes of Plyo X (only got in around 15 minutes of this workout because my knees were not happy about it…) combined with the Learn and Burn portion of the first Turbo Jam DVD. TJ feels utterly silly, but I admit that I found it sort of fun after I got the hang of the moves. Calorie burn was only 311 calories for the combined workouts, but at least I got moving this morning.

Eats will be clean through Meal 5, which is my planned early birthday cheat of sushi at Amura’s and a bit of birthday cake followed by four lovely hours of karaoke.

I’m down another pound today to 143.4 lbs just from clearing the crap from my diet and getting back to a regular workout routine. I took a look at my progress photos from a few years ago when I was between 17-18% bf and decided that I really want to get back there in this challenge. I know some people like to choose a celebrity physique as a goal for themselves, but I find it more motivating to just look at my own photos at goal body fat and just imagining myself like that again…but with better arms, shoulders, glutes, and lats! (The legs were already fine at 17% back then…I just didn’t have enough upper body mass for my taste.)

Anyway, I just find it more realistic to shoot for ME…only better.

– Plyo X/Turbo Jam Learn & Burn (45 min)
– Outdoor walk (30 min)

M1) 60g raisins and oats, 3 egg whites, 5 pieces preserved radish with chilis
M2) 1 small banana, 3 egg whites
M3) 3 oz. grilled peppered chicken breast, 1 large orange, 1 c. asparagus veggie mix
M4) 1 T. ANPB, 2 unsalted rice cakes
M5) Sushi @ Amura’s (~12-15 pieces) + 1 serving birthday cake (Planned cheat meal
M6) None

Est. Calories/Ratios: 1500-1600 calories

Supplements: multivitamin, calcium 600 mg + D, vitamin C, 5g l-glutamine, 3 fish oil caps

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