First Colored Pencil Thingie

So I went to the second session of the beginner’s colored pencil class I am taking with my father tonight and finished up the orchid sketch we all started last week.

We were only allowed to use the three primary colors of red, yellow, and blue and white for burnishing last Wednesday, but this week the instructor said that we could use any other pencils we had as well. I figured that since I’d already pushed the values of my drawing pretty far using the primaries, I might as well finish with them instead of bringing in lilacs, pinks, and purples that would have matched the original reference image better–if I’d had access to them from the beginning.

This is a whole new medium for me, so I’m still figuring out how to integrate what I know about black and white drawing and digital coloring to a traditional medium that combines elements of both.

It’s a start anyway.


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3 thoughts on “First Colored Pencil Thingie

  1. That’s way better than I could ever do! I’m still in the stick person phase of my artistic skills ! I’ve always liked the way coloured pencil looks – lots of depth and variation in the colours.

    Is that stamp on the bottom your signature? I know alot of Asian artists use stamps like that.

  2. Evelyne – Thanks!

    Laura – I’ve always loved the look of colored pencil pieces, too. I just didn’t know how the artists achieved it. :em10: And yes, that stamp is a chop of my Chinese name. When I visited my relatives in Taiwan about 22 years ago, I saw that EVERYONE there had a chop that they used in lieu of a signature. I coveted my own instantly, and nagged my parents relentlessly to have one made for me before we left the country.

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