Cardio Coach 2008 New Year Sale (Ends 2/1/08)

Cardio Coach is running a 2008 New Year’s special for $30 plus shipping that includes six of the Cardio Coach workout CDs, a free MP3 download of any one of the CDs in the set so you can get started right away, and a $20 email gift certificate that you can send to a friend.

The workout CDs included in this package are:

* Volume 1 CD (original version with music score by Jeff Order)
* Volume 1 CD (revised with music score by Todd Washburn)
* Volume 2 CD (original version music score by Jeff Order)
* Volume 3 CD (music score by Todd Washburn)
* Volume 6 CD (Guest Coach, Candace Grasso)
* Volume 6 CD (Coach, Sean O’Malley)

The two Volume 1 CDs feature the same workout, but the music tracks are different. The other volumes all feature different workout sequences.

I really enjoyed using the free sample low-fi download of Volume 6 with Sean O’Malley that was available a while back when I had to knock out the longer training runs for my 5k program last year, and I still load up the audio at least once a month to get me through otherwise tedious cardio sessions. Time just seems to go by a lot faster when you are focused on achieving the intensity levels recommended by Mr. O’Malley’s yummy voice instead of obsessively staring at the timer on your treadmill and wondering if a lean physique is really worth another 20 minutes of this heinous torture.

So check out the sample Volume 6 download (it’s the full workout, just at a lower MP3 quality) during your next cardio session, and if you want more, snap up the Cardio Coach New Year Special before it goes away on 2/1/08.

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