1/28/08 Log: TT for the Next 8 Weeks

I overslept this morning, so I had to complete my TT 2K3 lower body workout and intervals after work. I dutifully hit the gym on the way back from work instead of pretending I’d do it at home. I COULD have done it at home…but I needed more weight for my sumo squats and deadlifts than my Powerblock set could provide.

Besides, I know myself well enough to admit that I wouldn’t do intervals outside in the cold, dark night anyway, and as soon as I stepped inside the house I would be distracted by my computer, my cats, meal prep, L.A. Ink on the idiot box, my latest book acquisition…and so on.

Despite it being Monday night (the busiest evening at my gym), I was able to get to all the equipment I needed for workout B because none of the dozens of underage jocks that hang out in the free weight area after 5 PM ever seem to use the squat racks! If I needed a bench press station on the other hand, I’d be totally SOL. 😉

I claimed squat rack #2 by the water fountain as my own, and monopolized it for almost an hour without a single person asking me when I’d be done. Squat rack #1 was used by two different fellows for about 2-3 sets each, but was abandoned for most of my workout. All four of the bench press stations, on the other hand, had at least two guys waiting to take their turns.

Motivated by the sight of all those chicken and toothpick legs around me, I managed to squeeze out my final set of sumo squats at a respectable 200 lbs without a spotter. I know I can go higher, but since I workout alone, I have to play it somewhat safe. Still…200 lbs Olympic barbell squat! Go me!

I loaded up Cardio Coach vol. 4 today for my interval run following the leg workout and was engaged enough by the new workout sequence to get through my 20 minutes of hills and sprints without once looking at my watch.

Okay, okay, I wasn’t actually *wearing* a watch today, but you know what I mean.

I had hoped to do my belated 330 birthday pushups today, too, but my arms were completed toasted after this weekend’s workouts – 2K3 upper body, YF upper body, and an hour of Forza. No pushup challenge or bday pushups for me for at least another 2-3 days. I foresee lots and lots of l-glutamine though…definitely.

I need to change TT workouts next Monday, so I’ve been skimming through my library of TT manuals to find something a bit more appealing than the TT for Fat Loss 2K4 workout, which, sigh, looks way to similar to 2K3 for my taste. After some research and a helpful tip from Amyella (if you aren’t an existing subscriber to her now private blog, send me an email via my Contact form, and I’ll pass on your email addie to her so she can invite you), I’ve decided to do the following workouts for 2 weeks each through the end of my TT 12-week challenge:

– Get Lean/Gain Mass + Abs/Shoulder day
– TT Ultimate Mass
– TT for Mass (12-Week manual) Phase 1
– 30-Day TT for Maximal Fat Loss

All of these are 4-day splits which I will do Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday with intervals. Wednesday and Saturday will be reserved for yoga and inline skating, or possibly intervals and inline skating with yoga on two of the TT days. We’ll see how crippled I am by the new workouts.

Whew…SO much better than 2K4.

And in company fitness challenge news, my team is still leading this week! The coder team is closing in, though, so we’ll have to step up our game some more. Everyone “lost” about 3 lbs automatically this week since the official contest scale was declared defective and a new one was acquired to replace it. The original Taylor scale used in the starting and week 1 weigh-ins added 3-4 pounds to my weight compared to my Tanita at home, which caused the Omron handheld body fat analyzer we use to track body fat percentage to give me higher readings. So this week, despite the fact that I am UP a pound from TTOM water retention, my scale weight showed a loss of 2.5 pounds, LOL, and the Omron blessed me with a lower score as well.

The atmosphere at the weigh-in was a lot less adversarial this week since everyone has agreed to let bygones be bygones and stop griping about my team’s week 1 numbers. I think that as the guys all start to look and feel better with every week of increased activity and lower body fat, the monetary aspect of this contest ($80 per person buy in) will start to matter less and less. Yes, $80 is not chump change, and it would be nice to win the average $250 or so per team member for being the top team, but in the end, I think everyone will consider their money well spent in exchange for the support and motivation this competition has provided them in their return to fitness.

– TT 2K3 Workout B
A1) Sumo Squat (3×8 @ 185, 195, 200 lbs)
A2) DB Lateral Raise (3×8 @ 15, 15, 15 lbs)
B1) Barbell RDL (3×8 @ 115, 135, 135 lbs)
B2) Stability Ball Jackknife (3×15)
C1) BB Forward Lunge (3×8 @ 95 lbs)
C2) Stability Ball Leg Curl (3×15)

– Intervals (Run)- Hills and sprints using Cardio Coach vol. 4 – Speed 3.0-8 mph, Incline 0%-12% – 22 minutes

M1: 3 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 1 c. spinach
M2: 3 oz. grilled chicken breast, 1 c. mixed veggies in oyster sauce, 1/2 c. Kashi 7-grain pilaf
M3: 1/2 c. 1% cottage cheese, 1/2 c. Kashi Go Lean Crunch Almond & Flax cereal
M4: 3 oz. Korean BBQ burger patty (Cooking Light recipe), 1 c. broccoli and cauliflower in oyster sauce, 4 oz. baked sweet potato fries with Creole seasoning
M5: PWO 1 c. Kashi Go Lean Crunch, 1/2 c. light soy milk
M6: 1/2 c. light soy milk, 1/2 scoop vanilla protein, 1/2 oz. cashews, 1/2 c. diet V8 Splash

2 thoughts on “1/28/08 Log: TT for the Next 8 Weeks

  1. What is it with boys and the bench press. Ghetto gym has about 10 benches, and they are all taken at night. Two squat racks, only one usually in use.

    I have to start using that rack someday. I’m so old school, I never used one before, just hoisted the bar up on my shoulders. (after trudging through snow to get to the gym, naturally). We were tough in the olden days.

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