1/9/08 Log: Random Food Tweaks

Well, I got my butt out of bed on time again today and took care of my TT workout and bike intervals at the gym right away. I went a bit low on my squats and RDLs today to focus on form, but I should be back up to normal numbers by Monday. I also opted to do DB side raises instead of DB shrugs in the workout because I’m trying to avoid bulking up my traps any more than they already are right now. It’s very annoying when, despite having reasonably broad shoulders, your bra and spaghetti straps keep slipping off your shoulders because your traps are more sloped than standard.

I experimented with flipping my first two meals of the day around this morning so I could take my planned pineapple protein shake with me to the gym to sip during and right after my workout for more energy and better recovery. (It’s laced with l-glutamine as well as a scoop of protein.) This way I have a stronger AM workout, get in my l-glutamine and protein for recovery, and get to use more delicious, sugary fruits like bananas and pineapples in my plan while more or less adhering to the Precision Nutrition/Swolegenix/TT nutrition guidelines. It’s also nice to have a filling oatmeal, raisin, and egg white breakfast right after my shower. This was what I did during my first BFL challenges when I was kicking butt with fat loss.

I’m also trying to include a savory/salty item and a light/sweet item in every main meal for this challenge. I find that a savory/salty-only meal makes me crave something sweet-flavored right afterwards, and vice versa. When I don’t take this into account and make a single-note meal that uses up all of my calorie allotment for that meal, I wind up going over my daily intake goal because I invariably add extra foods (not always clean ones, alas) at some point to balance out my palate. So going forward all of my salads will include some sweet fruit to offset the saltiness of my favorite sesame ginger dressing, breakfast oatmeal and raisins will be accompanied by something appropriately salty, dried fruit will be paired with lightly salted nuts, and so on.

And I’m putting rice back into rotation for lunches. Granted, this will be brown rice, but the point is that it is still RICE. The longer I do this fitness and nutrition stuff, the more convinced I am that every person needs to find a way to work WITH his/her treasured ethnic food traditions. I didn’t come from a Western background, I don’t like most Western foods (except the tragically junkie ones, haha!), and I am not going to spend the rest of my life worrying about perfect protein/carb and protein/fat combinations and ideal superfoods for every meal at the cost of giving up the best culinary offerings of my culture.

I will gladly workout 6 days a week for the rest of my life in order to eat the foods I love the most (in reasonable portions)…and not have them show up on my ass. 😉

I Like to Eat, Therefore I Exercise.

Food for yesterday came in a little high at 1713 calories (49.7% carb / 30.7% pro / 23.5% fat) since I indulged in some steamed pork and leek Chinese dumplings with garlic chili soy sauce, but macros were close to my guidelines, and I still had a -347 calorie deficit. I dropped another pound of water weight today to 144.4 lbs.

I’ve only been back on the wagon 100% for three days, but I can already see visible changes, especially in the shrinkage of the holiday lower abdominal pouf. You can always tell when I am eating clean and hitting my workouts by checking the girth of the area under my navel, LOL.

I went to the grocery store last night and restocked my kitchen with veggies, nuts, non-stick cooking spray, brown rice, vanilla protein powder, fish oil caps, and frozen fish. I’m feeling a bit tired of poultry and meat after the holidays, and I think that a daily serving of yummy fish will set me right up for the next week. I also steam-boiled 21 eggs, made a veggie soup from homemade chicken stock using leftover rib bones from the peppered chicken breasts that I’d grilled up yesterday morning, and stir-fried 5 cups of asparagus veggie mix with garlic, salt, and pepper. I wish I’d remembered to cook a few cups of brown rice, but c’est la vie. I’ll do that tonight.

In case anyone is looking for a cheap emergency protein powder source, I can say that the $13.94 2-lb canister of vanilla “Premium Protein” powder sweetened with sucralose/Splenda from the Ghetto-Mart tasted all right in my pineapple protein workout shake this morning. I never do vanilla protein by itself with water, though, so I can’t vouch for the taste or mixability of the product in that situation. I’ve been holding out on ordering another 5 lb canister of Dymatize Elite Gourmet Vanilla whey until I polish off the last of my 5 lbs of DE Butter Cream Toffee, but frankly, Crushed Pineapple + Butter Cream Toffee protein = Abomination Unto Maggie’s Palate.

– TT 2K3 Workout B
A1) Sumo Squat (3×8 @ 115 lbs)
A2) DB Lateral Raise (subbed for Shrugs) (3×8 @ 15 lbs)
B1) Barbell RDL (3×8 @ 95, 105, 105 lbs)
B2) Stability Ball Jackknife (3×15)
C1) BB Forward Lunge (3×8 @ 70, 75, 75 lbs)
C2) Stability Ball Leg Curl (3×15)

– Advanced Intervals (Stationary bike, 30 sec. @ L13/60 sec. @ L8 for six sets plus warm up and cooldown)

63 minutes total, 594 calories burned

M1) Pineapple vanilla protein shake with l-glutamine
M2) 60g raisins and oats, 3 egg whites, 5 pieces preserved radish with chilis
M3) 3 oz. grilled peppered chicken breast, 1 large navel orange, 1 c. asparagus veggie mix
M4) 1/2 c. 1% cottage cheese, 15g walnuts, 1/2 c. mixed berries
M5) 3 oz. grilled peppered chicken breast, 1/2 large navel orange, 3 c. garden salad, 2 T. low fat dressing
M6) Chocolate soy protein shake and 15 g. walnuts

Est. Calories/Ratios: 1458 calories, 40% carb / 39.6% pro / 23% fat

Supplements: multivitamin, calcium 600 mg + D, vitamin C, 5g l-glutamine

1/8/08 Log: Still rolling…

I got up at 6:45 AM this morning (still not quite 6 AM, but better than 7:45!), did 15 minutes of TT core, then strapped on my skates and hit the road for 30 minutes as planned. Yay me!

I was a lot more comfortable with the skating movement this morning, and after the first 2-3 minutes, no longer felt any soreness in my shins. This is a lot better than running, as it takes a minimum of 10 minutes of pounding along before I can settle into a steady rhythm of breathing and moving. I am even considering going on a longer newbie skate this Saturday with the local inline skating club and perhaps even skating to the gym each morning after I get a little better at it. I have seriously never enjoyed cardio this much.

Eats were clean yesterday and came in at 1626 calories (41.6% carb/31.5% pro / 28.3% fat).

I forgot to swig my water and l-glutamine last night before bed, however, and woke up with some nice sore back, chest, and arm muscles from yesterday’s 2K3 workout. D’oh! It looks like this TT routine is split along UBWO and LBWO lines similar to BFL, though the exercises use a lot more compound movements.

Interesting…since Craig Ballantyne listed TT for Fat Loss 2K3 as one of the workouts that gave the best fat loss results.

Anyway, I decided to save my 30 minutes of planned yoga for tonight since it is a non-sweaty workout. Actually, since Chris is traveling for work tonight and tomorrow night, I think I will break out the NYC Ballet workout instead while I have the living room to my plie-squatting, ballet-leaping self.

Today is also the official weigh-in day for my company’s own version of The Biggest Loser. There is a minimum weight requirement of 250 pounds to enter, and the entry fee is $170 or $10/week of the 17-week challenge. I was asked to bring in my Omron body fat analyzer for the weigh-in. It will be very interesting to see how each of the participants takes on fat loss over the next 4 months.

I hope every last one of them succeeds.

In the meantime, I think I may have to make up a sign explaining how to set and use the Omron because there has been a steady stream of co-workers filing past my desk to check how chubby they are all day.

– TT Core (Beginners – 15 min)
– Inline skating (30 min)
– NYC Ballet DVD (30-60 min ?)

M1) 60g raisins and oats, 3 egg whites, 5 pieces preserved radish with chilis
M2) Chocolate banana protein shake
M3) 3 oz. grilled peppered chicken breast, 1 large navel orange, 1 c. asparagus veggie mix
M4) 20 g raisins, 1/2 oz. walnuts, 1 protein fudgsicle
M5) 3 oz. grilled peppered chicken breast, 1 large navel orange, 1 c. asparagus veggie mix
M4) 20 g raisins, 1/2 oz. walnuts, 1 protein fudgsicle

Est. Calories/Ratios: 1394 calories, 49% carb / 34.5% pro / 20.5% fat

Supplements: multivitamin, calcium 600 mg + D, vitamin C, 5g l-glutamine

TT 2008 12-Week Challenge Reboot

As I may have mentioned last week, I am re-starting my 12-week TT challenge today after admitting to myself that trying to cut during the month of December is utterly moronic and a textbook example of “Setting yourself up for guaranteed, ignominious failure.”

Believe me, I will never, EVER attempt a cut between Halloween and New Year’s again. I should have noted that I have never been able to do anything but hold the status quo during these months. It would have made much more sense to set aside hardcore cutting plans and focus on mass gain/retention during those months.

Well, lesson learned. Finally. 😉

Since I am starting again today, this program will run from January 7, 2008 through March 31, 2008. Progress photos will be taken every two weeks for accountability, and all workouts will be performed with a Polar F6 heartrate monitor present to track calories burned. Food will be logged in Diet & Exercise Assistant on my PDA and daily logs will be edited the following day to reflect actual calories burned and eaten. I will also make a cool graph of all this stuff once I have a few minutes to figure out how the graphing function works in Openoffice’s Calc spreadsheet application.

Here are my starting stats for this challenge. I am up a few pounds due to water retention and delicious, unclean holiday eats, but my body fat is relatively unchanged.

Age 32
Weight 145.8
Neck 13
Shoulder 42
Chest 36.5
Waist 27.25
Abdomen 29.5
Hips 39.25
Thigh 23.5
Knee 13.5
Calf 15
Ankle 7.75
Arm 12 (relaxed)/12.5 (flexed)
Forearm 9.5
Wrist 5.75
W-H Ratio 0.69
BF% (Omron) 20.8%


TRAINING & Nutrition PLAN (Jan. 7 – Mar. 31, 2008)
TT for Fat Loss: 2K3 Workout (Weeks 1-4)
– M/W/F: Lifting + Intervals
– T/Th/Sa: Intervals (15 min) + Medium intensity steady state cardio (30 min)
– Nutrition: 40/30/30 c/p/f, 1550-1700 calories daily
– 2 cheat meals per week

TT for Fat Loss: 2K4 Workout (Weeks 5-8)
– M/W/F: Lifting + Intervals
– T/Th/Sa: Intervals (15 min) + Medium intensity steady state cardio (30 min)
– Nutrition: 40/30/30 c/p/f, 1350-1550 calories zigzag
– 2 cheat meals per week

January 2008 TT 2K8 or TT Hardcore Fat Loss (Weeks 9-12)
– M/W/F: Lifting + Intervals
– T/Th/Sa: Intervals (15 min) + Medium intensity steady state cardio (30 min)
– Nutrition: 40/30/30 c/p/f, 1350-1550 calories zigzag
– 1 cheat meal per week

Nutrition will be my own plan, but it is based on the plan by Dr. Mohr for women with some tweaks that have worked for me in the past.

Actually, nutrition will mostly be about pre-cooking most of my meals on Sunday and Wednesday, munching every 3 hours or so, selecting lots of veggies, fruits, nuts, and lean protein sources, drinking plenty of water and green tea, avoiding refined carbs and sugars, and generally not stuffing myself until my seams are popping. Yeah, yeah, there’s nothing new or groundbreaking here. It all boils down to consistency for me.

Luckily, I will have lots of other activities from Project Wonder Woman going on to keep me busy so I won’t have time to obsess over this challenge.

1/7/08 Log: Miss Maggie discovers the wheel

W00ties! Here I go with the (real) official start of my Turbulence Training 12-Week program!

I woke up on time this AM (had a 2 hour nap early yesterday evening that sort of made up for the paltry 5 hours of sleep that I got between 1 AM and 6 AM), slammed down a cup of coffee with Splenda, and hit the gym for my first TT 2K3 workout. The workout wasn’t my strongest, but hey, I’m just getting back into the swing of things.

Workout A in the 2K3 program is all upper body, so my legs were nice and fresh when it came time to do my intervals. I opted to do the advanced intervals (5 minutes of warmup, then six sets of level 3/10 + level 8/10 at 1 minute each, followed by 3 minutes of cooldown for a total of 20 minutes) on the treadmill with speeds of 3.5 mph for my recovery intervals and 8.0-8.5 mph for my level 8 speeds. I wore my Polar F6 HRM during the workout and logged 580 calories burned in 62 minutes.

So far I’m not feeling any soreness from yesterday’s skate beyond a bit of fatigue in my outer shins. I should be good to go for another round of skating tomorrow morning.

Speaking of skating….

I have found a new love. I just tried out my new K2 Athena inline skates for the first time yesterday, and I have to take a moment to say, “Screw you, running shoes! Miss Maggie has discovered the wheel!”



I will still include at least one interval run per week in my routine (pretty much after each 2K3 Workout A), but I am definitely going to use skating as my primary form of longer duration cardio from now on.

One, because it doesn’t jolt my knees or lower back.

And two, because I burned 230 calories skating for 22 minutes, and I didn’t even notice the time go by. As a confirmed cardio hater from birth, I can’t tell you how amazing it was to actually almost ENJOY myself while performing a non-resistance-based exercise activity.

It probably has something to do with biomechanics. I have crappy biomechanics for running–it takes a lot of energy to move short, muscular legs like mine over and over again without rest, and it puts a lot of wear and tear on my knees and back–but my build sure does make it easy to power a pair of inline skates.

And I really like going fast.

TT for Fat Loss 2K3 Workout A (62 minutes)

A1) Chin-ups (3×6 @ Bodyweight; 3 unassisted/3 negatives each set)
A2) DB Chest Press (3×8 @ 40, 40, and 40/35 lbs) (I misread the # of reps and performed 8 instead of 6)
B1) DB Row (3×10 @ 30 lbs)
B2) DB Low-Incline Press (3×10 @ 30 lbs)
C1) Decline Push-ups (3×12)
C2) DB Incline Biceps Curl (3×12 @ 12.5, 15 (7)/12.5 (5), 15 (8)/12.5 (4))

Advanced Intervals – Treadmill Run
– 5 min warm up walk at 5% incline/3.5 mph
– 6 sets of 1 min @ 8.0-8.5 mph + 1 min @ 3.5 mph (0% incline)
– 3 min cooldown walk at 2.5% incline/3.5 mph

M1) PWO Shake (1 small banana, 3/4 scoop protein, 1/2 c. light soy milk, 1.5 c. ice, 1/2 c. water)
M2) 30g oatmeal, 30g raisins, pickled radishes, and 3 egg whites
M3) 3 oz. BBQ lean pork tenderloin, 1 c. asparagus veggie mix, 1 large navel orange
M4) 1/2 oz. walnuts, 1 protein fudgsicle
M5) 3 white/1 whole egg omelette, 1 c. asparagus veggie mix, 4 orange wedges
M6) 1.5 scoops protein

Supplements: multivitamin, calcium 600 mg + D, vitamin C, 5g l-glutamine

1/3/08 Log: Project Wonder Woman January Activities

My sleep schedule is STILL messed up from my 2 weeks off from work. I woke up at 7:45 am instead of 6:00 am, and only had time to do a 30 minute Yourself Fitness Flexibility session (which I shall count as today’s yoga) before work. We have a cold front moving through the area this week as well, so I am going to swap my original Thursday and Saturday workout plans and do an hour of Forza tonight when I get home from work and bump the rollerblading and running to Saturday.

Yesterday’s TT workout (the “original TT workout” from the main TT for Fat Loss manual) went pretty well considering that I’d taken so much time off from lifting (2 weeks). I only had to drop my DB chest press and DB reverse lunges by 5 pounds to 35 pounds per dumbbell, and my standing single DB shoulder press stayed the same at 25 lbs. The DB Romanian deadlifts are tweaking my lower back a bit this morning, though; another reason I opted to move high-impact running to Saturday.

I wasn’t letter-perfect on food last night, unfortunately. It’s funny. My problem many times isn’t with sticking to clean foods. It’s the fact that I want too MUCH of them, as was the case last night with the big vat o’ cashews and the sack o’ tropical trail mix! I just need to make the pantry off-limits after 7 pm. There’s nothing I actually NEED from the pantry for my 6th meal of the day–all of the items are in the fridge (egg white omelette) or freezer (protein pops)–so I will just keep the door shut, eat my planned 6th meal, and then take myself off to bed with a dreadfully boring book like my husband’s D&D 3.5 edition Monster Manual so I can actually fall asleep sometime before 1 am (and wake up before 7:30 am tomorrow).

1) Breaking Bad Habits (Failure to be Punctual):

Current Status:
– # of Days Without Running Late = 1/31
– Still running behind due to food prep time in the mornings and late wake ups.

To Do:
– Set up my meals in Tupperware tonight before going to bed, boil up a big batch of eggs for breakfasts, and be in bed by 11 pm with a snoozer of a book tonight in order to improve my chances of being on time for everything tomorrow.
– Measure out and pack more oatmeal and raisin packets
– Establish 6:00 AM wakeup and have workouts completed by 8:00 AM daily.

2) Personal Style/Sewing:

Current Status:
– Finally finished red and black knit Issey Miyake dress (V2556)
– 1 project cut out, 3 projects started but not complete

To Do:
– Need to make a list of the events I am likely to attend and the things I do in everyday life to determine what wardrobe deficiencies I have
– Draw up with a wardrobe plan with notes, fabric swatches, and pattern sketches
– Cull the ill-fitting, unflattering, outmoded, and generally horrifying pieces from my closet and decide if I will donate, trade, or refashion them
– Sew the first two items on my list: a refashioned A-line knit skirt made from a “Chinese Peaches” Threadless t-shirt and a cute sun dress made from another Threadless tee (“Happy Harvest“), some brown paisley fabric, and a bit of orange broadcloth

3) Fitness

Current Status:
– Just doing a food and exercise maintenance/ramp up week this week before starting TT 12-week contest on Monday.

To Do:
– I skimmed through the requirements for each of the badges I have picked out from the You Can Do It book last night and have decided to modify the Fitness requirements a bit since I am already doing everything required to earn the badge according to the book. I am changing MY fitness badge requirements to the following:

(1) Complete a 12-Week TT Transformation contest entry with photos, workout logs, and stats posted at the TTmembers.com site.
(2) Take swim lessons from my husband, Mr. Former Swim Team Captain and Swim Coach, 3 times per week for the entire month of July

– Take measurements and photos on Sunday for the TT contest
– Clean out and repack gym bag

– YF Flexibility (30 min)
– Forza DVD (60 min)

1/2/08 Log: 1-Year of Turbulence Training – An Unbiased Review

I’m going to officially start my Turbulence Training 12-week transformation challenge again on Monday. This week will be my program reboot week where I get back in the habit of bulk meal prep and ramp up my workouts again. I’ve been pretty lazy for the past two weeks, and I need a few days to get my mindset back in the right place and my sleep schedule normalized. And call it vanity, but I really don’t feel like taking “before” photos whilst retaining 5 extra pounds of water from TTOM and too many salty carbs over winter break, even if it would make my 12-week transformation look ever so much more dramatic.

So let’s talk about Turbulence Training a bit today. In the interest of full public disclosure, I must tell you that Turbulence Training creator Craig Ballantyne is running a contest with prizes for his affiliates that ends today. That is why you have seen so many email newsletters, blog posts, and “articles” pushing the program over the past three days or so. If you click through my TT links in this post or on the site, you will indeed be crediting me with an affiliate sale, so be warned!

Turbulence Training is actually a pretty decent plan, especially if you are time-crunched. The weight lifting portions of the workouts are very fast but intense since they incorporate full-body, non-competing supersets with around 3 sets of 8 reps on average to squeeze in 6 different compound exercises in each workout. The first non-competing superset tends to work the largest muscle groups (squats supersetted with pull ups for instance). Lifting usually takes me 35-40 minutes, and is followed by 3-8 sets of intervals on your choice of cardio equipment or outdoors at 3/10 and 8/10 intensity.

The lifting/intervals are performed three times per week with a day of recovery between TT workouts, and thirty optional additional minutes of activity (this is where you can squeeze in some recreational sports, walking, yoga, etc.) are recommended on an additional 3 days per week on the recovery days.

A typical 4-week TT workout program has 2 different workout routines (let’s call them Workout A and Workout B) that are alternated throughout the week. After 4 weeks, you are told to take a week off, then switch to another TT program.

A sample TT workout week would look like this:

Monday: Workout A (Weights and intervals) (~45-60 minutes)
Tuesday: Rest or 30 minutes of light activity
Wednesday: Workout B (Weights and intervals) (~45-60 minutes)
Thursday: Rest or 30 minutes of light activity
Friday: Workout A (Weights and intervals) (~45-60 minutes)
Saturday: Rest or 30 minutes of light activity
Sunday: Rest

Now let’s address the really important questions: Does Turbulence Training deliver on all the hype? Can you gain muscle and lose fat working out just 3 hours a week? Is it really better than a program like Body-for-Life?

Well, the answer is, “It depends on your individual starting point.” This fat loss program was primarily designed for adults working out at home who are either deconditioned and/or short on time. Someone who has been sedentary for a while, is out of shape, has never trained with weights, or has more fat to lose will get very good fat loss results on just the baseline plan alone, but this is true of any resistance training + interval plan, including Body-for-Life, which also espouses three days of weights and at least three sessions of intense interval cardio.

But what about the client who is NOT out of shape and only wants to lean out a little bit more? Is TT equally effective for fat loss in a more advanced trainee?

I have been using the TT workouts since October 2006, and in my experience as an already fit female with a 75% mesomorph/25% endomorph body type going into the program, the baseline workouts as described above without the optional recovery day activity time are not enough to burn those last 5-10 pounds of fat off of me while eating 1600-2000 calories per day. My body has already adapted too well to that volume and intensity of activity after almost 4 years of bodybuilding style nutrition and consistent training with weights and cardio intervals. I would have to reduce calories lower than that or raise activity minutes to lose at the TT-diet plan recommended 1700-1750 cals/day. I did find that I increased actual strength while following the TT for Women plan and diet as written, particularly in tougher compound lifts like squats and pull-ups.

While I have found the 3-day/week TT baseline program and diet to be a good maintenance program for someone with my body type and fitness level with just 5-10 pounds to shave off, from personal observation I think that the additional 30 minutes of physical activity on the off days (preferably at medium to medium-high intensity) and some additional dietary tweaking are definitely required to get below 20% body fat on this program. Basically, if you are starting out already fit, within a few pounds and percentage points of a pretty lean goal (this means getting into the teens in body fat percentage for the ladies), and you don’t happen to be an ectomorph like Skwigg who needs to eat 2400+ calories/day just to keep weight ON, you will need to do a little extra exercise and really watch your nutrition to get ripped using TT.

That said, TT is a lot less boring than BFL style workouts if you’ve been stuck in a BFL rut for a while, and there are a LOT of TT program manuals available. The base TT for Fat Loss package includes over 6 months’ worth of workouts in just the main manual. There are also a lot more included as “bonuses” to the main ebook which should take you through an entire year of training. TT’s emphasis on compound lifts and full-body workouts instead of the more segmented, isolation exercises and lower body/upper body splits in BFL is also a welcome change.

I do like the TT program and find the workouts challenging, and yes, I’d recommend them to anyone whose main goal is fat loss with the caveat that more advanced trainees who don’t have the metabolisms of race hounds keep in mind that some extra calorie burn on your off days and stricter nutrition might be required for optimum results.

For further evidence, I will be logging my exact calorie burn according to my Polar F6 heart rate monitor and tracking all food intake during my 12-week Turbulence Training challenge starting Monday in order to provide a precise record of how effective the TT for Fat Loss program really is when I am truly tight on my nutrition and more diligent about tracking calories.

So there you have it, my unpaid, unbiased review of Turbulence Training based on over a year of actual program use instead of yet another copy-and-paste affiliate press release or article from the author.

For a sample of a TT workout using only bodyweight exercises, check out my previous post:
Fitness on a Budget Part 2: DIY, Nearly Free, No Gym Required Workout Plans

There are also some additional links to free workout programs near the bottom of the same post. Another good option is to pick up Lou Schuler’s and Alwyn Cosgrove’s New Rules of Lifting at the bookstore or library. It’s only $17 or so on Amazon.com, and includes LOTS of different training plans that I believe are similar to Cosgrove’s pricey $50+ Afterburn program.

This Week’s Workout Plan
Mon) Rest
Tue) Rest
Wed) YF Cardio (30 min) + TT Weights (35 min); Yoga (30 min)
Thu) Rollerblading (30 min) + Interval Run (30 min); Yoga (30 min)
Fri) TT Weights + Interval Bike (60 min); Yoga (30 min)
Sat) Forza (60 min); Yoga (30 min)
Sun) TT Weights + Interval Skate (60 min)

Meal Plan
M1) 30g raisins, 30g oatmeal, 3 egg whites, 1/2 c. spinach
M2) 15g cashews, 20g tropical trail mix
M3) 3/4 c. curry rice noodles with veggies, 3 oz. lean beef or chicken
M4) 1/2 c. 1% cottage cheese, 3/4 c. berries, 15g cashews
M5) 3/4 c. curry rice noodles with veggies, 3 oz. lean beef or chicken
M6) 2 chocolate protein pops or spinach omelette with 1 whole egg/3 whites