Free copy of The Sneaky Chef for United Health members

Just stopping by before my workout to let you all know about a promotion that I just received via postcard yesterday from my health insurance company, United Health Care.

If you are a UHC member, you can get a free copy of Missy Chase Lapine’s cookbook, The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals ($17.95 retail), by calling the (also free) Care24 health hotline at 1-888-887-4114 and choosing the option to speak with a registered nurse. Just tell the nurse that you are calling about the free Sneaky Chef cookbook offer you got in the mail from United Health. They *will* ask for your name and date of birth to confirm that you are with UHC, though, so make sure you are actually insured by UHC before dialing up, LOL.

I bought the Sneaky Chef book last fall, and I have tried about four of the recipes calling for the “orange puree” made of sweet potatoes and carrots. So far, DH, who has the nitpicky palate of a bratty 3-year old when it comes to most veggies, has really loved all of them and has not made his usual stinky face when confronted with non-fruit produce on his dinner plate.

You can also ask the nurse any health-related questions you might have while you have her/him on the line. I decided to inquire about the best way to choose a primary care physician and was emailed a list of doctors within 5 miles of my home filtered by a “premium physician” rating in family practice. I can search for a physician through the insurance site on my own, but I don’t have the ability to see which practitioners meet the UHC criteria for the “premium” rating, so this was quite a nice perk. UHC periodically sends me reminder magnets for my fridge about the free Care24 services hotline which is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but this was the first time I’d actually called them. The magnets, however, have been holding up printouts of my meal plans for the past three years.

Now that the virtual dam of reticence has burst, I will probably be dialing them up at least once a month to ask about every minor health issue I think I have, muahahahahaha!

Some more info about the Care24 service:

What is Care24?
The Care24 Information Service provides immediate, anytime telephone and online
access to information and resources that can help you identify and resolve problems
affecting you and your family’s emotional and physical health.

How does Care24 work?
You can access Care24 services anytime by phone or online.
• Phone Access. When you call Care24’s toll-free number, 1-888-887-4114, you’ll
be able to select from these options:
– Speak with a registered nurse through the NurseLine about illness or
injury, urgent concerns, wellness issues and other medical concerns
– Speak with a masters-level counselor about emotional issues, work-life
concerns, and family needs
– Listen to more than 1,700 recorded messages on health and well-being
topics in the audio Health Information Library. Nearly 600 messages are
available in Spanish.

• Online Access. Through, you will also have access to Optum Online,
an interactive, anytime website that allows you to conduct personal conference
sessions with registered nurses.

All information and discussions are kept confidential at all times.

What kinds of issues can Care24 and NurseLine address?
• The registered nurses available through NurseLine can help you:
– Learn self-care for minor illnesses and injuries
– Understand diagnosed conditions
– Manage chronic diseases
– Discover and evaluate possible benefits and risks of various treatment
– Learn about specific medications
– Prepare questions for doctor visits
– Develop and maintain healthful living habits
– Locate health care facilities and physicians
– Connect with community support groups
– Know how to choose the right care at the right time

Bilingual nurses are available to address the needs of Spanish-speaking callers.

• The counselors can help you with emotional issues, work-life concerns, and family
needs. The counselors are trained to help you identify and resolve many situations
and concerns, including:
– Relationships, marriage and family concerns, and work problems
– Emotional distress, grief and loss, and stress management
– Personal legal issues* and financial concerns

If your situation involves both health and personal issues, a nurse and counselor
will work as a team to assist you.

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