2/8/08 Log: Current happenings

I got in my YF Flexibility (15 min), TT core/shoulders (60 min) and BFL style HIIT run (20 min) this morning, and boy, am I pooped out. I am seriously considering moving my workout 4 to Saturday to allow for more recovery time next week. I’m more likely to have a high calorie day on Saturday anyhow, so that would work better. We’ll see. My arms are feeling very, very pumped up, but very, very heavy today.

I will say that the 5 AM wake ups are getting easier for me now. I can’t stay up much past 11:30 PM as a result, but that’s all right.

Meal 6 last night was a take out ham and turkey sandwich on ciabatta bread from Lulu’s Bait Shack. I worked until 10 pm, didn’t have my Meal 6 foods with me since I wasn’t expecting a late night, and was hungry enough to gnaw on my shoes by 9 pm, so I caved and had the salty sandwich provided by the office. It was, unfortunately, rather overloaded with salt, and I’m up 2 lbs in water weight, today, hee. I’ll eat clean for the next three days and clear it up by Monday.

Other than that…

– Still not sick despite donating blood last week, living with my husband’s putrid cough for 2 weeks last month, and spending 9-12 hours a day with ill co-workers whose immune systems are faltering due to a steady diet of soft drinks and junk food. I credit my compulsive hand-washing habit, clean living, daily vitamins, and a somewhat neurotic insistence on opening public doors with either my foot (or a hand equipped with a paper towel barrier in some cases) for this miracle.

– I am super busy at work blinging out user interfaces for three Nintendo DS projects.

– I have a hair cut appointment tomorrow and am thinking about going even shorter, at least in back. I keep tying the longer strands up into two stumpy pigtails, which clearly indicates to me that I don’t like how the style looks when down. The whole point of having a short hair cut is not having to do stuff like that, so I will request something different tomorrow.

– Colored pencil class with my father is actually getting me fired up about drawing again

– I’ve been uber-hungry all day long this week. My meals haven’t changed since last week, so I assume the change in workouts is causing it.

– Lower abs have been wonderfully flat for the past 3 days, and I have that twitchy, energized, hollow feeling every day until meal 4 that indicates that I am firmly in fat-burning mode. I guess CB would call it metabolic turbulence.

– I am thinking about entering a 2008 Wardrobe sewing contest at Patternreview.com, but because I have cut off all spending on new fabrics, patterns, and clothing until June, I am afraid that it will be tough for me to come up with 10 cohesive pieces using only the materials I have on hand in my stash. I have more than enough fabric to make 10 items, but I didn’t buy it all with a wardrobe plan in mind, so not everything coordinates. 🙁

– Delayed onset muscle soreness is starting to hit my upper back, shoulders, and triceps from yesterday and this morning’s workouts.

– I’m going to attempt to plan an all-Chinese food menu for next week to celebrate Chinese New Year using a combo of EFL recipes and my WW Stir-Fry to Szechuan cookbook.

– I want to go on record as saying that Body-for-Life style intervals are a LOT more strenuous in my opinion than the ones outlined in TT and Afterburn. At least they are at the speeds I’m using. I shall be using a mix of HIIT styles throughout this challenge to keep my system from adapting to any one interval pattern.

– If I can get the 28-page long application form completed before I pass out tonight, there is a 75% chance that I will be attending the American Gladiators open call at Universal Studios Citywalk tomorrow after I get my hair hacked off. My co-worker is trying out, and I half-committed to giving it a shot, too. This was before I saw how much paper work was involved. And also before I totally killed my entire body in four heavy workouts over the past five days. Ouch. Well, I have an annual pass to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure anyway, so if the lines are insane when I get there for the tryouts, I will just abort the mission and console myself by riding The Hulk, Spider-Man, and the Dueling Dragons two times each and jogging around the park.

The funny part is that I’ve never actually seen American Gladiators, either the old series or the new one. I just think it would be fun to take their PT test. I’m kind of weird like that.

– Is it totally narcissistic to be inspired by one’s own previous transformation results? LOL…

May 2004 – March 2005

– YF Flex (14 min)
– TT GLGM Workout 4 + Intervals (86 min)

A1) Stability Ball Curl Ups (3×12)
A2) DB Bent-Arm Lateral Raises (Drop sets 3x 15 @ 15 lbs, then 15 more @ 10 lbs)
B1) Cable Lift (3×12 each side @ 40 lbs)
B2) Elevated Push Ups (3×15 each side)
C1) Plank (3×3 @ 30 sec)
C2) BB Upright Row (3×12 @ 50 lbs)

– BFL-style Interval Run (20 minutes, 4 sets of intervals at 3.5, 6, 7, and 8 mph)

M1: 2 Amyella’s blueberry/cranberry walnut crunch muffins
M2: 60g oats and raisins, 3 egg whites
M3: 1 c. asparagus veggie mix, 1/2 c. crab meat, 2 tangerines
M4: 1/2 c. 1% cottage cheese, 1/4 c. greens and ground beef stir fry, 1/2 oz. walnuts
M5: 1 rice cake, 1/2 T. ANPB, 1/2 oz. walnuts
M6: 3 egg whites/1 whole egg omelette, 1/2 c. sauteed spinach, 2.5 oz. sweet potato wedges