2/19/08 Log: Snuffles and Taxes

Blargh! My immune system has finally succumbed to DH’s latest cold virus permutation, and I am feeling distinctly scratchy in the throat and mildly congested in the nose. Oddly enough, this combination of symptoms put me in very good voice on the drive to work this morning as I belted out a medley of Heart, Fuel, and Def Leppard songs in the car.

No workout this morning because I was up until 1 AM in the morning doing our 2007 taxes. It took forever, but I’m glad it’s out of the way. This is our first year as a married couple, so we ran our taxes through separately and jointly to see which one gave us a better deal. It turned out that filing jointly increased our refund by over $500, so we went that route. It still took several hours on H&R Block’s TaxCut Online website, and our combined AGI when filing jointly was too high to qualify us for the Free File program, so we had to shell out $14.95 for the TaxCut Basic package. C’est la vie. I wasn’t going to chuck out a $500 advantage just to save $14.95 in filing fees!


Anyway, because DH overpaid his taxes significantly last year (he had changed his W-4 the year before to withhold quite a lot extra in order to cover the extra taxes on some earnings he withdrew from a Roth IRA to help pay the closing costs on the house in 2006, and forgot to change his withholding back to normal in 2007), we are getting over $3200 back. Per our agreement made prior to committing to Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover plan last month, $1200 is going to Chris so he can build himself the kick butt gaming computer he has been wanting for the past year (and which better keep him mollified for at LEAST another 3 years), and the remaining $2000 is going into our debt snowball to pay down my car loan 6 months ahead of schedule.

In addition, if/when the $1200 tax rebate we are expecting from the rather stupid economic stimulus package arrives in late spring/summer, we’ll use it to pay off DH’s student loan a month early in June. We’ve already budgeted and allocated money for the weddings, travel, gifts, and PDB cruise we have planned for this year, so we won’t need to dip into these bonus windfalls for anything. And we certainly won’t be spending it all to stimulate the economy. Sorry G-Dub!

I’m going to sneak out to my old apartment complex and use the mini-gym there for some intervals at lunch if the weather is rainy again, or just go up to the garage roof and skate if it’s nice, then hit the real gym after work for TT Ultimate Mass legs tonight. I have to make up yesterday’s missed TT chest and back workout, too, but I don’t know if that will be possible tonight when all the bench press stations will be mobbed.

– TT Ultimate Mass Workout B
– Intervals x 6 (Run or skate)
– Hip Hop Abs Fat-Burning Cardio

M1: Peanut Sweet and Salty granola bar, 3 egg whites
M2: Pineapple protein milk shake
M3: 4 oz. chicken breast, 1 c. asparagus veggie mix, 3 small tangerines
M4: Apple, 1/2 T. ANPB, 1/2 scoop protein powder
M5: 4 oz. eye of round, 1 c. asparagus veggie mix, 1 tangerine
M6: PWO strawberry banana protein shake

4 thoughts on “2/19/08 Log: Snuffles and Taxes

  1. Peanut Sweet and Salty granola bar? Um, this sounds like an absolutely delicious concoction! Is this a homemade bar?? And if so, why is there no linkage to it’s delicious recipe? 🙂

  2. Amyella – Alas, it is an evil processed granola bar from Nature Valley that I bought for Chris. It is indeed delicious, but not so clean. I think I will attempt to come up with a healthy, more protein-fortified version this week.

  3. Although I heard of your blog from another fitness blog, I really like the personal finance entries! It’s nice to read PF news from a young person that’s not horribly in debt and actually keeps herself ahead!

  4. :em43:

    Those peanut sweet and salty granola bars are pretty much amazing. Great choice 🙂

    And for the taxes bit, I think couples usually do get better discounts. All the more reason to get married! (The first reason being the gifts lol).

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