2/27/08 Log: 6-Day Slim Down Day 2

I went to bed too late last night and overslept this morning again, though I did get in my lower body weights first at home and, more importantly, stick to my meal plan, so I count it as a successful Tuesday. I’ll have to get in my workouts at lunch and after my last colored pencil drawing class tonight, though.

We are expecting a cold front (30s-40s…brrr) tonight, too, which means that I had to bring in the baby plants that I have yet to put in the ground. They are currently nestled in a recycling bin in the enclosed patio. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the cats won’t tear them up while I’m at the office. I don’t know why I bother trying to plant tomatoes before March anyway. Each year I am tricked by the unseasonably warm Florida weather into putting my plants out in mid-February, and every year, a freak 2-night cold front always freezes my veggie babies unto death within 6 days of planting.

Down another 0.6 lbs to 141.0 today! I am definitely hitting 139.x by Monday. My whole team has committed to going turbo with me for the next 5.5 weeks just so we can soundly trounce the three north side teams. I am thinking about switching back to a 3 day lifting program next week, though, as my energy levels will start to tank from the decrease in calories and the start of a carb-cycling nutrition plan. I also tend to lean out better with more interval and cardio time once I get into the 130’s, so it may be time for me to give up on the TT mass programs for now and just go back to a fat loss focus.

On to Day 2 of the 6-day slim down!

– Forza or inline skating during lunch (30 min)
– 3/4 mile walk (12 min)
– HHA Total Body Burn + Fat Burning Cardio (60 min)

M1: 3 egg whites/1 whole egg omelette with 1/2 c. spinach and 1 oz. part skim mozzarella cheese
M2: 1 scoop protein powder, 1/2 T. cocoa, 1/2 c. light soy milk
M3: 4 oz. chicken, 3 c. Romaine/spinach salad, 10 walnuts, 2 T. low fat Asian sesame ginger dressing
M4: 10 walnuts, 3/4 c. FF yogurt, spritz of lime juice, 1 packet Splenda
M5: 4 oz. chicken breast, 1 c. brussels sprouts

M5380 Happy Harvest Dress

This past weekend I sewed a rather festive looking dress out of a hodgepodge of fabrics and materials that I had on hand, including:

– Mens’ 2XL “Happy Harvest” Threadless t-shirt
– Orange cotton broadcloth from Halloween 2006
– Brown paisley charmeuse from Hancock’s clearance rack (spring 2007)
– Part of an old full-size 300-thread-count cotton sheet

I used two different patterns because I liked the top from one but wanted to make the skirt out of the 2XL t-shirt:
– McCall’s M5380 (upper bodice and waistband)
– New Look NL6375 (skirt and underskirt)

Here is the result:

M5380 Happy Harvest Dress

The color choices are a bit out of my comfort zone since I usually stick to jewel and icy winter colors plus black and white, but I went with them anyway. The original patterns didn’t include the orange belt or the brown and orange band around the hem of the skirt, but I added them at Chris’s suggestion to tie everything together.

I really like the final result, but have been wondering if it was just too off-the-wall to wear out.

Well, as of last night I am no longer concerned.

While channel surfing, I caught the latest Disaronno amaretto commercial on TV and realized that my color choices were merely fashion-forward and precognitive in nature:

Disaronno Dress

Check out my review of this project at Pattern Review for more details.