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I just placed my first order with last week. This company was recommended by a co-worker and by strength and conditioning coach Jason Feruggia in his Muscle Gaining Secrets ebook package, and since the price of pre-mixed whey protein has gone up so much (~$38 for a 5 lb canister, plus another $4-$6 shipping), I decided to give them a try.

True Protein specializes in custom-mixed protein supplements at reasonable prices. The cost of a tub or bag of protein depends on the types of protein and additional components you add to your mix. They carry soy isolate, whey isolate and concentrate, casein, egg, egg white, gemma (made from peas), and hemp protein as well as over 2 dozen flavorings that can be used with any of the above and your choice of sweeteners, including the all-natural, plant-based Stevia.

You can either choose one of their basic formulas (just one type of protein + flavor + sweetener + vitamin mix) or pre-mixed solutions, or go crazy mixing up your own pre-, during-, and post-workout combos with their Custom Mix program. The per pound price of your custom mix updates on the fly so you can see how much your super mix will cost. My co-worker went the latter route and has his own pre- and post-workout mixes.

I’d rather just have straight protein and add my choice of healthy fat or carb to it, so went with basic protein with flavoring and no vitamin/minerals. I ordered the sample pack of 13 premium whey isolate flavors, 1 lb of citrus lime-ade gemma protein, 1 lb of premium French vanilla gemma protein, and 2 lbs of premium Dutch chocolate soy isolate protein. Total cost was $44.88, which is about how much 5 lbs of Dymatize Elite would cost me with shipping.

(I’m trying to move away from the dairy-based proteins because I have been unusually itchy since I started using protein powder in 3 of my daily meals with the SGX program.)

What I really appreciate is that I can order in increments of just 1 lb at a time in case I don’t like a flavor, and I don’t have to pay any more per pound for the small order than I would for 5 lbs at a time. They also sell JUST their flavoring powders alone for ~$4 per packet. Each packet supposedly contains enough flavoring for 10-15 lbs of protein powder depending on how strong you like your shakes.

What an awesome idea! I bet you can use the flavor powders in lots of other recipe applications, too.

Anyhow, as of this writing I haven’t received my order yet, but I’ll update my review once everything arrives. The ordering process was very easy, and they shipped the day after my order was placed.

Google for True Protein coupon or discount, and you’ll find several 5% off codes online, too.

5 thoughts on “True Protein ( Review

  1. Thanks for posting this and for your reviews. I don’t know why but I am totally thrilled about mixing up my own protein concoctions. It’s like playing chef or chemist. I’ve whipped up a couple of formulas and can’t wait to see what they taste like when I get them. I stuck to whey protein isolate and egg white protein. Soy is horrible for the thyroid – I’ve see what it does to my bloodwork – so even though the prices were great, I’m sticking to safe and sure.

  2. Thanks for the review – I love that they offer a flavor sample pack! I hate ordering a tub of protein only to find out I have to choke it down.

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