True Protein Whey Isolate Powder Review (Premium Lemonade Flavor)


Product – Whey Isolate Cold Filtration – Premium Old-Fashioned Lemonade flavor

Mixability – Very high. I just dropped the powder into cold water and it instantly started to dissolve with no lumps. After a few shakes in my shaker cup, the mixture was completely smooth with an opaque, creamy yellow color and a consistency similar to ready-to-drink chocolate milk: not super thick and sludgy, but not watery either.

Taste – Very sweet with a slightly bitter undertone beneath the lemon flavor. Think lemon drop hard candies ground up and mixed with protein powder. People who like lemon would probably find the flavor pretty innocuous.

Uses – Might make a decent additive in a protein enriched lemon meringue pie, a lemon smoothie, or lemon protein pops with SF vanilla pudding mix. Might also make for an interesting PWO protein cookie.

Maggie’s Supplement Sensitivity Factors:

Migraine – High. I feel a spike of the usual “OMG! Artificial flavoring alert!” headache reaction shoot behind my eyes every time I take a sip, so I do not recommend this flavor if you have sensitivity to artificial flavorings like I do.

Nausea – Medium. The combination of lemon flavor and high sweetness with the dairy/whey base make this one pretty hard for me to stomach without feeling slightly nauseous.

Bloating – None. Might be due to the fact that this is an isolate instead of a concentrate.

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