3/26/08 Log: The week in review

Let me catch up a bit:

Saturday – Went to Lowes and Home Depot with DH and priced out how much it would cost to re-do the pavers in our small walled courtyard off the master bedroom. DH had moved about half of the pale coral colored square pavers in there out to the other side of the house by our screened-in patio to make a paved grilling area. For the relatively cheap pavers and sand, it will still cost almost $300. Ugh. We wound up just picking up some red salvias, jalapeno peppers, and ichiban Japanese eggplants for the garden. The courtyard project will have to wait until this weekend.

That night we went down to Universal Citywalk’s new live band karaoke club Rising Star, and I got to go up on stage and rock out to Pat Benatar’s Hit Me With Your Best Shot and Carrie Underwood’s Before He Cheats in front of a huge audience. It was awesome. Totally beats the pants off of regular karaoke.

I’m going to ask for my own cover band for Xmas this year, seriously. Screw Rock Band and it’s faux guitars and drum kit; I want my own live musicians in a box.


Sunday – Laundry, food prep, gardening. Lunch and dinner at my MIL’s house past Disney. Ate too many chocolate Nestle’ crunch eggs and was soundly trounced at billiards by my mother-in-law and her boyfriend.

Monday – 143.4 lbs after Easter goodies. TT Mass Fusion Workout A (Chest/Back). Increased all lifts by 5-10 lbs even though I only did bodyweight work last week. Resting and an infusion of chocolate Easter eggs apparently do wonders for my upper body strength levels.

Tuesday – Interval incline walk and stationary bike. Went grocery shopping. Unhappily noted that groceries are now averaging $20-$25 more per week than they did a year ago. Roasted a chicken and baked another batch of PWO granola chocolate chip cookies.

Wednesday – TT Mass Fusion Workout B (Lower Body/Core). Bodyweight intervals.

I’m finding motivation to be a problem these days. I just feel like a month of maintenance might be called for in April because I am just tired of dealing with caloric deficits and meeting numeric goals. I want to eat enough to maintain, work out hard but not in excessive amounts, and see where I’m at after 4 weeks.

There’s so much going on at work, in the garden, around the house, and with other projects that I don’t have the time to devote to mad logging/blogging of every little bite and lift, you know? An April Autopilot Non-Challenge would suit me just fine.

For now though, I have to finish out the TT 12-week challenge this week and my office fitness challenge next week. Then it’s straight into The New Rules of Lifting for Women Phase 1 or Jason Ferruggia’s Muscle Gaining Secrets’ Beginner Blast Off.

One thought on “3/26/08 Log: The week in review

  1. Sounds like a week of workouts in the 60% range after you finish your current challenge. Rest is good.

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