So true it’s uncanny!

(From Stuff Asian People Like post #52: Higher Education)

…here’s the typical asian grading scale:

A: Average – Asians must always “earn” that A+ or extra credit point on the Calculus test. There is no such thing as “good enough” of a grade.
B: Bad – This is a warning sign. If an asian student earns this grade, they are on track for failure, and will eventually bring shame to their family.
C: Crap – This is the feces that the B-Grade was warning about.
D: Death – If asians show this to their parents, they will most likely be disowned and have their name removed from their parents’ wills.
F: Don’t go there…

The most amazing part about the above is that my parents never had to explicitly tell me any of this out loud. I feel like I’ve always just instinctively KNOWN it since birth. Or kindergarten at least.

I begin to suspect that Mommy Wang possessed some incredibly powerful but subtle talent in telepathy back in the day.

5 thoughts on “So true it’s uncanny!

  1. I totally agree with you on this one. My parents never “told” me anything either, but I knew what anything other than an “A” meant.

  2. Well, excellence is expected from kids in Scandinavian families too…..I don’t think it is a concept that belongs to one ethnic group more than another. It may belong to certain family types though.

  3. Somehow my father expected this as well and EXPLICITLY told me. An A- or A was not good enough. I had to have A+’s or questions were asked. B’s were definitely unexceptable.
    We are a mutt breed of German, Irish, Scottish and American Indian. I believe he wanted more for me than what he had done or earned during his life. I am grateful for that today obviously, but it was/is quite stressful at times since I took on that ‘perfectionist’ attitude for myself.

  4. This post is hilarious. I just ran across a facebook group called, “You Got a “B”, Asian Fail!” which mentions similar stuff. I’ve been out of school so long, I forgot all about the pressure. Ah, the good old days.

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