NROLFW P1W2D2: Back pain and spring cleaning

I unwittingly got in the first of my outdoor bonus activities yesterday for the Pink Dumbbells 2008 Spring into Summer challenge (Sign ups are still open if you want to join up and get some daily motivation as you get ready for summer!) with a HIIT run around my neighborhood. We are having some freakishly cold (Temperatures in the 50s count as cold down here.) weather this week, so Monday morning was perfect for an outdoor run. I think I hit around 2.5 miles overall between jogging and sprinting.

I felt fine yesterday, but this morning I had some lower back pain and stiffness when I was doing my NROLFW workout. The first exercise was squats, and my lower back was pinging me every time I dropped down even though I was only using 100 lbs on the barbell. The rest of the workout was fine, but I’m a little concerned about the lower back pain. I think that running outdoors definitely contributes to it the next day when I need to perform lifts like squats and deadlifts that focus on posterior chain muscles. Like Kyra, I’ve been noticing more back issues these days, so I think it’s time for me to finally choose a primary care physician I trust and have a full physical work up done to let me know where I stand medically.

For the time being, I’m nixing all outdoor runs and sticking to low-impact activities outside like cycling, walking, swimming, and skating. If I get the urge to run, I’ll limit myself to the bouncy treadmills at the gym. I’m also going to integrate 15-20 minutes of yoga into my cardio-only days. I may also have to move my lifting workouts to the evenings. My back is just not warmed up enough in the mornings now to handle the big compound lifts anymore.


I didn’t do any formal exercise this weekend since DH and I were literally buried under paperwork as we decluttered, purged, and finally organized our home office into some semblance of efficiency. I checked out two audio books on organization and decluttering from the library a few weeks ago, and both of us were fired up to get our home in order for spring. We tossed out 6 big trash bags of stuff from just the one room (mostly unneeded paper), and have a big pile of video games, books, computer hardware, and other random things to sell at a garage sale. I did do quite a lot of ladder climbing (step ups?) and lifting, though, so it was more active than my usual work day.

Anyway, I’m two days behind on workouts due to my impromptu Clean Sweep weekend, so I am modifying my schedule a bit this week as follows to bring myself back on schedule for next week:

M: HIIT run (make up for Saturday)
T: Phase 1 Workout A (make up for Sunday); Hip Hop Abs Fat Burning Cardio + Yoga (regularly scheduled cardio workout)
W: Phase 1 Workout B
Th: Intervals + Yoga
F: Phase 1 Workout A
Sa: Intervals + Yoga
Su: Phase 1 Workout B

Food…needs work. 🙂 I’ve been more or less on track for maintenance, but I need to get back into the habit of cooking actual entrees with flavor instead of just tossing together nuked veggies, roast chicken, and fruit or I’ll snap at some point and dive into some serious junk. In the meanwhile, I’m stuck with nuked asparagus, leftover veggie stir-fry in oyster sauce, quick oats, apples, banana, strawberry whey isolate powder, and roast chicken today at the office.

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