eHarmony has kindly given me permission to post two of the commercials now airing in Canada. Chris and I were filmed in Philadelphia this past December for a few of the shots along with two other awesome couples.

Don’t blink, or you might miss me and Chris in our little happy couple cameos!

(And just so you know, our teeth were chattering like crazy during the slow-mo shot on the doorstep.)

10 thoughts on “ Commercials

  1. Wow how cool, and you’re such a nice looking couple! :em70:

    It would have been so cool to put your “trash the dress” video on there. 🙂

    My husband and I (married 8 years) were wondering the other day how well we’d match up on the questionnaire. Is there a way to take it without subscribing/joining?


  2. Elizabeth – You and your husband can take the questionnaire for free without subscribing, but I think you do have to sign up for free accounts. The only problem is that you can’t really compare answers directly with someone else since their system handles the matching. I suppose you could both do the questionnaire together and compare answers manually, or just let the system do its thing and see if you receive each other as matches in the next few days.

    Oh, and if you are honest and check off that you are married, the system will reject you as a member, LOL.


  3. Maggie, I’ve been readying your blog for a lonnng time and I had the TV on yesterday and the eHarmony commercial came on (I’m in Vancouver, BC). For some reason the commercial caught my attention and I saw a couple and thought “wow that looks just like Maggie from my favourite blog!” but thought it would be totally weird if I emailed you to tell you that so great timing with your post today!
    You two look great in the commercial I saw!

  4. Fantastic Maggie! You look beautiful, and Chris looks VERY CUTE!!

    I have to admit, I half expected him to be in his outfit from The Princess bride… not sure why. :em19:

  5. Glad you posted these, Ryan and I have been eager to see your commercials. Every time an eHarmony commercial comes on Ryan inspects it and then asks me why you weren’t on it, lol. You and Chris look great on the commercial!

  6. That is so neat! You are a nice-looking couple! I always wondered if those were really eHarmony people in the ads, it is nice to know that they are.

    DH and I met on (it used to be I emailed them and sent them our wedding picture but I guess they weren’t interested, I never heard back!

  7. Cynthia – One of my best friends (she was also one of my bridesmaids last year) also met her husband on!

  8. Hey Maggie,
    I saw the commercial on TV (I live in Nova Scotia) the other night, not paying much attention to it…then I thought I saw you on it and I said to my friends, “I know who that is…that’s Maggie” They thought I was insane! It is hard to explain to people how I recognized you (I hang out in her website every so often…kinda makes me sound like a freak).
    You both looked great!

  9. I was just watching TV and saw the ad. I thought, “Huh. She looks familiar.” Then they showed you with Chris and it clicked. “Holy shit! That’s Maggie Wang!” Funny.

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