$9.99 Champion Shape Sports Bra

UPDATE: As of 12:30 PM Friday, 5/2/08, size 34B in black AND white are back in stock on the site!

Okay ladies, I thought that the $19.99 Champion sports bra sale last month was a good deal, but oh my…this one is even better!

Onehanesplace.com has my favorite
Sport Shape t-back bra
icon on clearance for $9.99. These are the high motion control rated sports bras with the wicking fabric and shaped seam design that won’t squash you flat like most compression bras. They normally run $33 or so retail.


The sizes are a bit limited if you are lacking in the cup department, but when I checked, 34C and 36B were still in stock. Alas, no 34A/34B for yours truly, though the back-order notice said that they would be back in stock around May 19. I was also kind of bummed that the cute light blue color shown in the pictures was not available in the lower size ranges, but hey, the black and white options that ARE offered are perfectly serviceable, too.

And to make the deal even better, here are some non-stackable coupon codes you can use:

15% off entire order (Expires 5/2/08): 611080
Free shipping on orders $60 and up (Expires 5/2/08): 611081
$3 flat rate shipping (Expires 5/2/08): 611082

10% off $50+, 15% off $75+, or 20% off $100+ (Expires 7/31/08): 470802
Free shipping (Expiration unknown, but still good 5/11/08): 608910

Good luck! I hope some of you get in on this deal.

I’m going to go back to my corner now and sulk about the shortage of sizes for rack-deficient chicas like me.

5 thoughts on “$9.99 Champion Shape Sports Bra

  1. Thanks for posting about the sale and including the promotional codes. :em69: I just ordered a couple of these bras in white. FYI, as of today 34C is only available in white or black. I’m sure the pretty shades of blue were snagged by the early birds or the people who paid full price.

    BTW, how do you hear about these online sales and find the promotional codes?

  2. Meghan – I just keep myself on the mailing lists of the sites that sell the stuff I like and need, and dig around a bit whenever they send me an email with a good promo code. I also check dealtaker.com and fatwallet.com for extra coupon codes if I’m in the market for something from a particular merchant. Slickdeals.net is another good place to look for good deals on merchandise, but it doesn’t usually bother with sports bra sales, LOL. :em32:

  3. Hi Maggie,

    This has nothing to do with a sports bra :em42: , but I would like your opinion/personal advice based on experience.

    When trying to lean out (on P90X) have you ever followed a carb(and calorie) cycling and tapering program? such as Dan Duchaine’s BodyOpus or Lyle McDonalds Ultimate Diet 2.0?

    Or a TKD?

    What gets the best results for you/other you know(while maintaining a decent level of sanity and intensity)? as far as calories and carbs when trying to lean out

    I’m doing a second round of the X and would like to optimize my diet to get as ripped as I can,

    the calories are too high for me (I’d be at level II) and the nutrition plan is so-so.

    Thanks for any help,

  4. Thanks for the tip on the bras. Mine just arrived in the mail yesterday and they are really comfy, much more so than the ones I had been running in, and what a deal!

  5. Hurrah!
    As of May 29 I could get two 34Cs in black or white, and the free shipping code still works! Maggie saves the day!

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