Cheap Eats Recipe #1: Roast Chicken

I’ve been using this method for preparing cheap, roasted whole chicken for the past few months. I vary the seasonings depending on my mood that day, but I *always* brine the chicken ahead of time. It really makes a difference in whether your protein-packed clucker tastes more like a gourmet restaurant entree or a flavorless failure.

  1. BRINE the raw chicken (3.5-5 lbs) in a solution of 1/4 c. salt dissolved in enough cold tap water to cover the bird in a covered container. I usually just do this in a pot with lid. Place in the refrigerator and allow to soak for 3-8 hours.

    (If I’m feeling really lazy, I’ll do this first thing in the morning and tell my husband to throw the bird in the oven when he gets home at 5 PM.)

  2. DRAIN the brining solution away.
  3. PREHEAT your oven to 350 degrees F.
  4. RUB your choice of seasonings over the entire surface of the chicken’s skin. Lemon pepper, salt & pepper, chives, rosemary, cilantro, garlic & red pepper, and commercial steak seasoning are all good choices. Pry up the skin over the breast and work some seasonings in there as well.
  5. PLACE the chicken in a roasting pan or baking dish and bake at 350 degrees F for 25 minutes per pound.

Voila! Oven-roasted, superbly-seasoned chicken that will rival anything you can order at a restaurant…all for under $1.00/pound.

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3 thoughts on “Cheap Eats Recipe #1: Roast Chicken

  1. I’ve actually seen this done with a variety of different brines–some add a bit of sugar, along with a variety of fresh herbs–all of which has been boiled together, then chilled before the chicken is added.

    I’ve had a few times now and can testify to its tastiness!

  2. Been reading your P90X reviews and found this recipe on your site. If you don’t have time to brine but want great flavor throughout the meat, rinse a whole lime and pierce all over with a knife. Place inside cavity of a rinsed bird (chicken or turkey) and add fresh rosemary or herb of choice to cavity with the lime. Cut one onion into chunks and lay in bottom of roasting pan. Place bird on top of onion. Season bird as desired (no need to lift skin) and roast according to directions above. Enjoy!

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