Economic Stimulus Check Recap: Did you spend it according to plan?

Because my husband and I requested a split tax refund earlier this year, we didn’t receive our paper economic stimulus check from Uncle Sam until today, but I know that most of you have already gotten your money and distributed it either to savings, debt repayment, or, in a few cases, out into the economy as GDub had intended. Chris and I are sticking with our original plan to use the money to pay off the last of his student loan this month.

So here are my questions for you:

What did you originally plan to do with your stimulus payment?

Did you actually use the money as you had planned, or did something else come up?

9 thoughts on “Economic Stimulus Check Recap: Did you spend it according to plan?

  1. Hubby and I had planned to spend it on debt repayment, but the car broke and required $1600 of repairs which in turn required our stimulus check.

  2. I don’t get one :em10: and knowing me, if I did, I would put it into my savings.

  3. I won’t be getting one either, so I guess I won’t be adding it to my 403b.

    PS thanks for getting me back into sewing. I bought a new Bernina (it actually sews without jamming! whooo!). I made all my own clothes well into my late 20s, so it is just a matter of remembering. I have plans to rework an embroidered shirt that I made while watching Olga Korbut win gold medals (!) into something that…ahem…I can fit into today.

  4. We won’t see our check until sometime in July. The plan for part of it is to have somebody come out and take down a few dead oak trees. If the said trees were small, we’d take them down ourselves but since they’re not, it’s best to let the professionals handle it.

    The rest of the check will go into savings. We don’t need anything and I already paid for the new hotwater heater, so the extra can sit in the bank and earn interest.

  5. I haven’t recieved it yet, but when I do, the plan is it goes towards personal training and coaching. But that’s money that I won’t have to take out of savings…does that count as saving?

  6. 40″ Samsung HDTV 1080p, 30,000:1 contrast ratio, wall mount. Xbox never looked so good, thanks GW!

  7. i am still waiting patiently for mine…i think i am going to put it towards a much longed for electronic piano. but my man has broken his up into daily allotments of $1.64 a day, trying not to buy too much crap, and blogging as he goes. not an easy task in nyc! show him some love!

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