My defection to The New Rules of Lifting

I have a confession to make.

After getting through stages 1 and 2 of the New Rules of Lifting for Women and even posting a spreadsheet for the program last month, I have officially jumped ship and am doing the original New Rules of Lifting workouts as part of a 12-week workout group I organized at work.

After the January-April competitive fat loss challenge that my team won earlier this year, I felt like most of the participants had fallen into a slump. While some people maintained their results and their new healthy lifestyles, a lot of others reverted back to their old ways and gained back most of the weight. In my opinion, the ones who gave up even before the challenge was over largely did so because they didn’t have a real plan of attack for their workouts and meals. And due to the competitive “Us versus Them” nature of the challenge, teams weren’t really going out of their way to share workout programs and dieting tips, you know?

I was left with a feeling of internal conflict at the end because, while I liked winning my share of the prize pot with my team because we legitimately worked harder as a group than any of the other teams, as a fitness blogger whose main purpose in writing is to provide effective exercise and nutrition information and resources to others I really felt awful that so many of my co-workers didn’t reach their goals due to a lack of knowledge.

That’s why I’m putting the NROLFW on hold and organizing a “workout-a-long” group at the office. The new group challenge is non-competitive, and it pretty much consists of one basic idea: every participant will use either the New Rules of Lifting (original book) or the free bodyweight Turbulence Training workout manual as their exercise program for the next 12 weeks. That’s just 3 required workouts per week for 12 weeks. Dieting is optional, but resources (recipes, basic healthy meal plan tutorials, etc.) will be provided to anyone who wants it. The guys and gals who want to lose more fat can throw in more interval cardio sessions if they like. The ones who want to put on mass can skip them. Everyone using the NROL will do 3 weeks of the Break-In workout, then individuals can split off and perform the level 1 or level 2 workouts best suited to their goals: Fat Loss, Hypertrophy, or Strength. The home workout group will be using the TT 12-week bodyweight manual exclusively.

My own plan is to complete the 3 weeks of the break-in program, then follow up with Fat Loss II and Fat Loss III.

We are already on the final week of the break-in workouts, so the fun stuff should start next week. 😀

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