Speaking of those stimulus checks…

I just read about this collaborative blog today on Yahoo Finance:

How I Spent My Stimulus

Readers submit a photo and a brief story about how they spent their stimulus payments.

Check it out and contribute!

One thought on “Speaking of those stimulus checks…

  1. Wow…there’s some pretty scary stuff posted over there to say the least. I had to leave as if I read ” I should have paid my credit card bill and instead bought cheap crap { insert name of poorly made thing here} made in { list country here}” I was going to start yelling at the monitor.

    I get that no all of us can be Dave Ramsey fans, but the “poor mouthing” as Dave calls it is really annoying…

    I know I’m going to hell for my attitude, but for the time being I won’t have a cluttered house filled with cheap crap with only house debt. Working on killing that off in 5 years.

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