NROL Fat Loss II W1D1: Waking Up Is Hard To Do

My biggest enemy when it comes to morning workout attendance these days is just plain waking up on time to get to the gym. Sometime in the past year, the 6.5 hours of sleep I have habitually required per night has expanded to 7-7.5 hours.

Unfortunately, that extra hour bites right into my workout time in the morning. Even more unfortunately, I’ve been stubbornly sticking with my old accustomed bed time of 11:30 PM when I know that I need to be counting electric sheep by 10:30 PM.

Yes, even logical wenches like me can be pigheaded and prone to occasional fits of denial at times.

I am openly admitting to my idiocy though, and will attempt to tuck myself in with the most boring reading material in the world tomorrow night at 10 PM. (One of Chris’s new 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons core rule books should do the trick.)

I did manage to get in some kickin’ workouts today during lunch and after work. I squeezed in a 20 minute interval run outside at lunch and completed the first Fat Loss II workout from NROL followed by 40 minutes of incline walking while memorizing some new tunes for this Friday’s upcoming karaoke night and observing the usual 8 PM herd of young bucks at my gym do a lot of standing around and not very much lifting. Seriously, I can see the benefit of having ONE training partner to spot you, but there is no point in having two or more fellows just standing around while only one guy is doing any work.

Food was actually on target, too, which was almost a relief after several weeks of winging it on maintenance. I made some seriously good healthy eats this weekend, including a slow-cooked, jalepeno jelly glazed pulled pork, Chinese beef noodles, and a batch of my favorite PWO granola chocolate chip cookies. I always find that eating well is not that hard when you truly look forward to your meals.

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