NROL Fat Loss II W1D3: BBQ Blow-up

Meal 6 and my workout were thrown off tonight by a visit to my parents’ house after work. I had a helping of my dad’s superior beef noodles and stayed until 10 PM chatting with my mom and watching So You Think You Can Dance. This pushed my calories up to 1640 or so and delayed my NROL workout by 2 hours. I still wound up with a deficit of over 400 calories, but it fell short of my target of 884 calories per day.

Anyhow, this is where things got really ugly.

I got home a bit after 10 o’clock and discovered that DH had NOT switched the slow cooker to Warm as I had asked him to do before I left for work that morning, and the delicious 2 lb Chinese BBQ pork I had prepped was now a crusty, blackened meat-eor half its starting size. This was bad enough, but what really set me off was finding DH at his computer playing World of Warcraft.


It’s true that my anger was out of proportion to the cost of the meal in question ($3.50 for 2 lbs of lean pork loin on sale), but it was more about the fact that Chris was blithely playing the motivation-draining, time-sucking, responsibility-squashing Warcrack when I walked into the house (which, I must tell you, was FULL of the aroma of slow-cooked Chinese BBQ pork) and claimed that he not only forgot — even though he had gone into the kitchen to feed the cats and get himself some dinner — but that he had somehow failed to notice that the entire house smelled like an Asian Smokey Bones BBQ joint.

The roast may have only cost us $3.50, but the thought of my TEN WHOLE SERVINGS of carefully-marinated, quality protein at $0.35/serving turning into a charred contribution to the local landfill was just infuriating to my frugal foodie soul. How dare my normally wonderful husband turn my triumph of culinary tightwaddery into a bona fide Waste of Hard-Earned Money simply because he couldn’t wait to hop online and thwack and zap faux polygon enemies in a faux polygon world?




After sarcastically and pointedly expressing my extreme displeasure, I went back to the kitchen and performed the angriest Flylady sink scrub in recent history, then stomped directly to our patio gym set up and brought in enough weights to do a truly inspiring PMS- and BBQ pork rage-fueled workout.

Lucky for him the inside of the roast wasn’t as bad as I had feared, or I’d still be holding a grudge on our anniversary next week. 😉

(I did forgive the poor guy in the end. And I can guarantee that he’ll never forget to turn off the slow cooker again.)

– Swim (30 min)
– Walk (13 min)
– NROL Fat Loss II Workout B (half of workout)

M1: 1 cup Frosted Mini Wheats, 1/3 c. light soy milk, 1 T. ketchup, 3 egg whites, jalapeno pepper slices
M2: 15 g walnuts, 17 g raisins, 1 small banana
M3: 1 serving Chinese beef noodles (3.5 oz. lean beef, 2 oz. dry weight noodles, 3/4 c. chopped spinach)
M4: 3 slices roast beef, 1 slice pepper jack cheese, 7 baby carrots
M5: 1.5 servings Chinese been noodles (Dad’s version!)
M6: 2 granola choco chip cookies