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My addiction to Olympic gymnastics coverage has had the negative side effect of keeping me up until 1 AM for the past two nights, which in turn has killed my usual AM workouts. As a result, I found myself resorting to some home workout remedies tonight in lieu of gym cardio.

The chosen DVDs were Plyo X from the P90X series, and Yoga Flex and Abs from the 10-Minute Trainer series. I planned today’s workout in a numb, half-asleep fog last night, so I was pretty horrified to see Plyo X on my plate for tonight when I got home from work. I firmly believe that Plyo X is an exercise dish best served cold in the morning before one’s brain has awakened enough to fear the torture to come.

I made the mistake of chugging down a pretty large quantity of iced jasmine oolong tea (yum!) when I got home, too, which meant that I sort of sloshed during the entire workout and experienced some rather sharp cramps about 40 minutes into the workout.

I gave up at that point and switched over to Mr. Horton’s much more agreeable 10-Minute Trainer Yoga Flex and Abs workouts. The Yoga Flex workout was surprisingly effective and, well, almost pleasant. I felt like I got a very good stretch for my lower body in particular (my view might have been skewed by the preceding plyometric workout which completely pumped up my leg muscles) in just 10 short minutes, and there wasn’t any of that dippy chanting stuff that sometimes afflicts yoga videos. The second 10-Minute Abs workout was also mercifully short but challenging. I could definitely see doing it at least every other day during a long commercial break.

All right, the workouts are done, and I must get some bulk cooking done for tomorrow.

I organized a company potluck lunch for tomorrow with a Star Wars theme, so I’m doing some cooking and tea brewing tonight between blogging, posting at Pink Dumbbells and eDiets, and getting in my workout. All of the food has to have a Star Wars themed name, so I am making Boba Fett Tea (bubble tea) and Sticky Mos Ricely (Taiwanese sticky rice). The guys and gals at the company are pretty enthused, but what else would you expect from a video game company?

Some other pledged dishes from my crew at work:

  • Han-made Tamales
  • Aunt Beru’s Blue Bantha Milk (with Rum)
  • Chewie Chocolate Chip Wookiee Cookies
  • Palpatine’s Potstickers
  • Vader’s Veggie Platter
  • Millennium Falcorndogs
  • Protocol Droid Pasta
  • Qui Gon Jinn-gersnaps
  • Rancor Croquettes
  • Grilled Bantha Burgers
  • Bibb ForTuna Rolls
  • Lando’s Louisiana Lasagna
  • Yoda Soda
  • Coconut Blenjeel Sand Worms
  • Sarlacc Pita Sandwiches
  • Lightsaber Breadsticks

We tried to find some people interested in making us some Jabbalaya, Obi-Wan Cannolis, and Boba Fettucine, but so far no one has stepped up. Hrmph.

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