Birthday Boy

Happy Saturday folks, and happy birthday to my husband today!

Chris is now 34, so I had to find him something appropriate for his dignified, mature new stage in life.


Chris (Shaking the box): “This looks like a Guitar Hero box…”

Me (Smirking): “Why would I get you another guitar? We already have two.”

Chris: “That’s true. Hmm.”

Chris: **GASP** “OMG!!!! No WAY!”

Chris: “It’s a P-90!”

Chris: “I wuv you, my pweciouuuuuuuuuuussssss…”


Yeah, DH was as giddy as a little boy over his brand-new, replica P-90 (just like the rifles they use on Stargate SG-1) Airsoft BB gun. He started putting it together right away and firing into the net target in our dining room. I had to kick him outside to the patio to fire it for the next half hour.

One can only imagine his joy later today when we go to Rebounderz with 15 of his closest playmates–er, I mean associates–for trampoline dodgeball.

A review of Rebounderz Planet Jump and more pics to follow…

3 thoughts on “Birthday Boy

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from both of us (mine is sitting right here!)

    Have the cats come out of hiding yet?

  2. Happy birthday! On 23 Aug, I also attended my friend’s birthday party.

    p.s. is it a real gun?

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