Boingy-Boingy Fun: Rebounderz Planet Jump Review

Rebounderz Planet Jump

Rebounderz Planet Jump, 480 S. Ronald Reagan Blvd., Longwood, Florida 32750
Phone (407) 499-4797

This last Saturday, my husband and I trekked out to Rebounderz Planet Jump in Longwood, Florida for a friendly game of trampoline dodgeball with about a dozen of our closest (and sportiest) friends. It was Chris’s 34th birthday, and he wanted to do something a bit more creative than the requisite grown-up birthday dinner, barbecue, or surprise party.

Rebounderz is a newly-opened indoor trampoline gym in the Longwood, Florida area. Besides 6,700 square feet of wall-to-wall (literally–the entire perimeter of their custom-built jumping court is lined with trampolines set at a 60 degree angle so you can bounce off of the walls as well as the floor) trampolines, the 11,000 square feet facility features a snack bar, mini-arcade, and TV lounge.

The $10 fee covers helmet and shoe rental plus the first hour of jump time. Additional time can be purchased for $8/hour, but trust me, one hour of jumping is PLENTY for anyone over the age of 5.

Our group arrived around 6 PM on that soggy Saturday evening to find that, contrary to the assurances of their group coordinator that 5-7 PM was their dead time, the entire building was packed with tweens whose parents had decided that dropping their kiddies off at Rebounderz with a dozen or more referees and no way to spend money was preferable to ditching them at the mall unsupervised.

In the end, only about 11 of the 15 or so confirmed group members actually showed up, but we were given the discounted $8/person rate anyway, probably because the place was so busy that it was impossible to keep track of everyone coming in and out. We scooted over to the helmet and shoe rental area with our receipts and were fitted for cute lightweight red and black jump shoes and some decidedly UN-cute padded foam helmets to protect our delicate noggins. While most of the females had no trouble getting the right size of shoe, some of the guys with size 10 or larger feet had to wear their own athletic shoes to jump since the larger sizes were limited. The shoes were sized in youth/men’s numbers, so I wound up in size 6 (I normally wear an 8 in women’s). The helmets were available in 4 sizes.

Update: Jo from Rebounderz has let me know that they just got a shipment of larger size shoes today, so all of you fellows with big feet should be easily accommodated going forward.

Our stylish headgear…

Once we were properly outfitted, we were led to the neon green and blue jumper court and given safety lessons in falling, jumping, and flipping (for those so inclined). When the referees were confident that we wouldn’t injure ourselves or take out any of the half-pints pinging around the room like excited water molecules in a pressure cooker, we were allowed to bounce on our own.

This plyometrics stuff is easy on a trampoline!

Let me tell you–it may look easy, but jumping is hard work! We had a blast bounding around the court and trying out tricks…for about 10 minutes. Then most of us had to have a sit down for a minute or two before jumping back into the fray.

Apparently Rebounderz offers fitness classes during the week. I could definitely see that being a kick ass workout with a lot more novelty than spinning or kickboxing for the jaded workout diva.

By the end of our hour (we never did get to play dodgeball because the court was too crowded), all of us were completely drenched in sweat, exhausted, and more than ready for dinner at TGI Friday’s nearby.

What else could you ask for in a birthday outing?

If you are ever in the Orlando area and want a break from the theme park madness, give Rebounderz a try, with or without the kiddos. It’s just as much fun for grown ups as it is for the under 18 set. And be ready for some major booty DOMS in about 2 days. 😉

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  1. Once again I would like to thank you for your kind words about our place! Would you mind if we use your comments in press release and promotional type materials? Nothing beats the honest opinion of the people who come to play here and your articulation is wonderful.


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