M&F W4D1: Accepted at Last…

…by USAA!


I’m not sure if anyone reading this would find the information helpful, but about a month ago USAA expanded its list of eligible members to include military personnel who received honorable discharges on or after January 1, 1996. Up until this point, I had been unable to qualify for USAA membership despite my four-year enlistment in the U.S. Army and honorable discharge because I didn’t join USAA while I was still on active duty. This has bummed me out quite a lot, since I kept hearing great things about the quality of their customer service, the reasonable premiums for their auto and home insurance products, and the excellent rates on their home mortgages.

It also totally got my knickers in a bunch to know that my 100% civilian DH has had a USAA membership since birth just by virtue of being a military brat! He didn’t have to survive boot camp or do a million push ups to earn it, but because I didn’t need USAA’s services while I was wearing my BDUs and carrying an M16, I’d only be able to get my foot in the door now as a member’s SPOUSE.


Anyway, with this change in eligibility requirements, I am now able to qualify for membership on my own merit, and so will any of you who were denied membership in the past for the same reason.

(From the announcement on the USAA site)

USAA is opening membership to include the following:
* Military retirees who served honorably, regardless of when they retired
* Military personnel honorably discharged on or after Jan. 1, 1996
* Widows and widowers of military members killed in action while eligible

If you now qualify and have always wanted to see what USAA can offer you in terms of insurance rates, mortgages, investments, etc., check out their web site at USAA.com and sign up for membership now.

1. 60g raisins, cranberries, and oats, 3 eggs, 1 T. ketchup
2. 3 oz. chicken breast, 1 c. green beans and brussels sprouts, 1 c. strawberries
3. 1/2 T. cocoa, 1/2 c. 2% cottage cheese, 1 packet Splenda, 1 T. chocolate chips
4. 1/2 WW pita, 1 slice pepper jack cheese, 1 large slice honey roasted turkey breast
5. 3 oz. sirloin, 1 c. mixed veggies, 1 small apple
6. 4 oz. flounder, 1/2 c. broccoli

Water: 16 cups
Supplements: multivitamin, calcium 600+D

* HIIT Run (20 min; 3.5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 mph @ 0% incline)
* Elliptical (20 min; levels 8-10 with 5 minutes in reverse)
* 1-mile walk (15 min)

6 thoughts on “M&F W4D1: Accepted at Last…

  1. We brats might have gotten in the back door, but we’re damned proud of those who got us there. Nice to know they’re letting you in through the front.


  2. Interesting commentary on USAA.

    I am a Canadian citizen, married to an American, whose grandfather(still alive) served in Navy. Since He, than her parents, and her, all have USAA memberships, I now have one. 🙂

    USAA rules, and I am glad you are in with the in crowd. What a terrible policy, but am glad they somewhat resolved it.

  3. These types of things always irritate me.

    Hubby was in the Army for 8 years. He was bought out by Bill Clinton so he ( Bill Clinton) could say that he balanced the budget. Anyway, hubby falls under the VSI catagory and although on his record it states that he was honorably discharged, he’s still in. If the day should come that there isn’t enough military personal, they could call him back in up until 2010.

    We don’t need a credit card or alot of the stuff that is offered, it’s just the idea that they leave the many thousands of military people out that Bill Clinton kicked out the door in spite of his face….

  4. I have had USAA via marriage for awhile.
    Complete brain damage with divorce and home owners insurance. Will never use again once house is sold.
    Similar issues with prior auto policies.
    But hopefully you will have better experiences.

  5. AWESOME NEWS. Neither my husband nor myself joined when we were eligible. I would have never known this without you 🙂


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