M&F W5D5: Leg Workout (Month 2)

I got on the scale out of habit this morning and was pleased to see 146.0 on the display. It looks like the consistency in food and exercise is starting to pay off. I was hanging at 148-149 for a while.

I am still debating the RCR contest. The M&F program seems to agree with my upper body. I am looking a lot less squishy in the arms and midsection after 4 weeks, and I have even built or at least restored some muscle. I still have at least 5 more pounds of subcutaneous padding to burn off before I really start to see definition, but I think that will happen within 4-6 weeks if I stick to my current workout program and keep the diet clean.

So…I don’t know. My main goal at the moment IS fat loss, so the temptation is definitely there to give a circuit-based program a shot. It’s just that I LOVE hardcore lifting so much, LOL.

LEGS Squat 5* 10-12 115 lbs x 12 +
Reverse Lunge 3 10-12 25 lbs x 12
Seated Hamstring Curl 3 10-12 105 lbs x 12
Step Up 3 10-12 15 lbs x 12 +

(*) Includes 2 warm up sets at 50% and 75% of final work set weight
(+) Denotes that I need to increase weight in the next workout

1. 60 g dried cranberries, raisins, and oatmeal; 3 egg whites
2. 3 oz. cracked pepper turkey breast, 1 slice pepper jack cheese, 1/2 WW pita, 1 c. mixed broccoli and green beans
3. Fiber One bar
4. 1 whole/2 whites boiled eggs, 1 plum
5. 1/4 c. 2% cottage cheese, 1/2 T. cocoa, 1 packet Splenda, 1/2 T. chocolate chips, 1 boiled egg
6. TBD – Most likely 4 oz. salmon or flounder, 1 c. Brussels sprouts, and 1/2 oz. walnuts

Water: 16 cups
Supplements: multivitamin, calcium 600+D, 6 fish oil capsules

* M&F Legs (45 min)
* 3/4 mile walk (15 min)
* Yoga Conditioning for Athletes (30 min)

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