M&F W5D6: Cardio and Karaoke

Sorry I didn’t post up earlier. DH and I woke up reaaaaally late. Like 11 am late, haha. I was actually up around 8, but I crawled back into bed when I discovered that our Internet still no workie.

I did a yoga DVD to stretch out my hip flexors, glutes, and hamstrings, then snagged DH when he got back from some errands and dragged him to the gym with me. I did a HIIT run and some incline walking while DH went through the 30 minute express circuit and finished up with some intervals of his own.

I think he will be sore tomorrow.

Food has been on plan, and I’m now ending the night at a karaoke club called Big Daddy’s in downtown Orlando with a posse of singing friends. (Yes, I’m thumb typing this post on my Treo. Never say that I don’t love my handful of blog readers!) I’ve got the following tunes on my list:

Just Like Jesse James – Cher
Separate Ways – Journey
Mambo Italiano – Rosemary Clooney

Dante, Ed, Eric and Dorothy from Gran Cru, and several of Dorothy’s friends all came out to light up the stage with me, so a grand time is being had by all. (Where is my dear husband, you ask? Sigh. He had a previous engagement with a D&D or Mechwarrior table. Yes, I somehow managed to find and marry a man who is dorkier than I am.)

– Yoga Conditioning for Athletes (45 minutes)
– HIIT Run (3.5 – 9.5 mph; 20 minutes)
– Incline Walk/Run (5% incline, 3.3-5.5 mph; 30 minutes)