Six Long Weeks of Pink Dumbbells, Oh My!

No workout today; I am reviewing the exercises from the Red Carpet Ready program so I’ll be ready for tomorrow. Up until Friday I was still wavering on whether I’d join the RCR 6-Week contest since my training preferences and physique goals are so different from Val’s program, but based on a purely objective analysis of the photos I took Friday morning, I really need to burn off the surface fat over my muscles at this point and see what I actually have already, not attempt to put on more while I’m still (for me) so annoyingly fluffypants. Let’s be honest–it’s not nearly as fun to watch yourself shoulder press 27.5 lb dumbbells when all of your muscles are obscured by a 1/2″ layer of fat. I believe that RCR’s circuit-style workouts might just do the trick, and I’m curious to see if the program really can lean out someone with my body type–not just firm up a naturally skinny ectomorph–in just six weeks. I don’t actually care if I get a longer, lighter look or not after 6 weeks; I am 100% focused on body fat reduction. From prior experience, I know that is the real key for me.

So me and my little blue (not really pink, sorry!) 5 lb paperweight dumbbells and adjustable Powerblocks will indeed be taking on this challenge. I will do my best not to sneak my weights upward too often, but I’m going to complete the Hundred Push Ups challenge no matter what. I have three more weeks to go on it, and I’m already up to 70 reps. I refuse to give up on it when I’m so close to hitting 100! And lest you all fear that the effective Muscle & Fitness Hers program will be forgotten, don’t worry–I am going to pick it up right where I left off in Month 2 right after the RCR challenge ends on November 3.

I don’t actually have the Valslide or Valband needed for some of the exercises in the RCR program, but I think I can make do with my lightest green resistance tube tied into a 24″ circumference loop and (How frugally ghetto is this?) some plastic grocery bags over my shoes in lieu of the Valslides until I have a chance to get the real deals. 😉

Food has been pretty decent today though not as clean as it tends to be on weekdays. I might actually be under my target because I’ve been so busy. My friend Colleen came over today at 10 to do a trial once a month shopping and cooking session–a sort of DIY Dream Dinners experiment with healthier recipes and ingredient choices. We each brought $25 to spend on ingredients, and after checking for the best deals on protein sources in the grocery flyers and browsing through the Don’t Panic, Dinner’s in the Freezer cookbook, we decided to go with three different chicken entrees based on the super duper $1.49/lb boneless, skinless chicken breast deal at Albertsons.

For $25 apiece, we each made:

(2) 9″ Chicken Pot Pies (8 total servings)
(4) 4-serving bags of Cranberry Chicken (16 total servings)
(4) 4-serving bags of Oriental Sesame Chicken Strips (16 total servings)

Altogether it was around $0.63 per serving, which I think is pretty darn good for lean protein portions fancier than the basic nuked chicken breast. We would still have to add a carb and a veggie to the cranberry and Oriental chicken, but that stuff is a lot faster and cheaper to prep.

Assuming 30 days per month and two servings needed per day per person (lunch and dinner), DH and I would need 120 servings each month, or three times the amount we made up today.

I figure that would be $75 for those entrees, and then we’d only have to buy veggies, fruits, oats, grains, eggs, and a few incidentals on our weekly grocery trips–maybe $20 per week.

Right now I’m just waiting for a whole chicken to finish roasting and my first chicken pot pie (ever!) to finish baking. My weekly batch of 21 steam boiled eggs is already chilling in the fridge. I am sticking to my resolve to cut out dairy and wheat as much as possible in my diet, too, so I’ll need to come up with some alternatives to two of the snacks I’ve been relying on for the past month: WW turkey and pepper jack pita and 1/2 c. cottage cheese with fruit or cocoa powder. I did place an order on Friday for 5 lbs of Dymatize Elite whey in Rich Chocolate (the BEST tasting protein I’ve ever found when mixed with just water, and trust me, I’ve tried a LOT of them due to my lactose intolerance and sensitivity to artificial ingredients and flavorings) from, and according to FedEx, it should be waiting for me at the office tomorrow. If my imagination fails me, I can always go with the old Fruit + Whey combo on Monday.

Oh, and my Internet has been repaired at last! The cable guy gave us a new modem (which the last one should have done), and now things are zipping along quite speedily. No more lost posts due to random connection drops!

M1: 2 slices turkey bacon, 3 white/1 whole egg scramble, 2 buttermilk pancakes, 1/2 T. honey
M2: 1.5 c. shrimp and veggie rice noodle stir-fry
M3: Fiber One Bar
M4: 4 oz. lean sirloin, 1 T. ketchup, 3/4 c. shrimp and veggie rice noodles
M5: 12 almonds, 2 t. raisins, 1 c. light soy milk
M6: 2 boiled eggs, 1 egg white

One thought on “Six Long Weeks of Pink Dumbbells, Oh My!

  1. Hey Maggie,

    my recently delivered Dymatize Elite whey in Rich Chocolate is not as sweet as it was before.

    Have you noticed the change too?

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