RCR W1D5: Modification Time

Okay, I know I’m shedding water weight with the end of TOM, and that I’ve been a very good girl with food and exercise for the past two weeks in particular, but this is getting ridiculous.

143.8 lbs this morning, and the Tanita says my lower body is 0.5% less fluffy before.

I was 146.4 on Monday at the start of the RCR program, and 148.5 on September 1 when we started the LMH challenge. And I actually didn’t go up in weight during TOM; I either stayed about the same or dropped slightly each day.

This definitely is not purely the result of switching to RCR. If you want the truth, I think the M&F program and clean eating (even with the Moon Cake Madness and Craisin Craving incidents) restored quite a bit of the strength and lean mass I’d lost over this sloppy summer and burned off much of the fat marbled throughout my muscles. But lifting so frequently and so heavily also kept my muscles swelled up with water as they recovered and readjusted to regular workouts, so I stayed the same for a while. Plus, it takes a while for my systems to switch gears from Fluffy Pants Fat Storage Mode to Lean, Mean Fat Burning Mode.

Now as I move to RCR, you could say that my system was already primed for maximum fat loss results:

* cardiovascular endurance is back up
* lean mass has been rebuilt
* intramuscular and visceral fat have been reduced
* homeostasis has been broken and fat-burning mode has been engaged after 5 weeks of clean(ish) eating
* dairy and wheat (known food allergies for me) have been eliminated
* commitment to regular exercise and clean nutrition has been firmly re-established

I didn’t even have what Skwigg has dubbed the traditional 4-week freak out.

After watching the video Val posted about modifying the baseline RCR program, I’ve decided to keep the leg workouts as-is since I don’t need more in that area and retain lower body lean mass by just imagining myself doing a squat (just kidding–but running intervals actually maintains my legs just fine). I am going to increase upper body weights conservatively to the 10-15 lb range for all exercises and keep them there for the rest of the 6 weeks, increasing reps or modifying tempo to make it more challenging instead of adding more weight.

I don’t want to change the heart of the RCR program; I truly want to see what it can do for my body type with as few tweaks as possible. I just want to increase the weight in the upper body exercises enough to make sure I actually feel some resistance and don’t start shedding too much lean mass from my shoulders and arms while at a caloric deficit. I am trying to wind up with a balanced X silhouette at the end of this contest, but typically when I lean out my genetics push me toward a narrow Hollywood star torso and arms sitting atop muscular, ripped legs that belong on a gymnast or speed skater. (See pic from 2nd BFL challenge in 2004)

Overall, I was pretty happy with my look at that stage and didn’t mind the legs, but I just wanted a little more fullness in my shoulders to balance them out. I mean, come on! I Arnold press 25 lb dumbbells! Why the heck can’t I get some shoulder caps?


I only shaved 4 minutes off of Monday’s completion time, but again, I was taking longer breaks than I normally would to check on the amount of weight to be used for the weighted exercises and adjusting up as needed. It felt just challenging enough with the slightly increased weight and the switch to W shoulder presses and a taller step up. I think I can stick with this one with today’s modifications for the next two weeks as scheduled in the RCR book and get the results I’m looking for. I’ll save the advanced circuit and Super Hero workout for a later date unless things start to feel easy next week, in which case I’ll switch to the weeks 4-6 workouts for 3 weeks and finish off with 2 weeks of those bonus workouts.

With my concurrent 100 Push Ups program going on through week 3 of RCR, I don’t feel like I need to burn my upper body out completely on my RCR workouts–just turn up the intensity enough to hang onto what I have already built.

1. 60 g dried cranberries, raisins, and oatmeal; 3 egg whites
2. Tofu and veggie Korean stir-fry at Pei Wei with 1 c. brown rice
3. 10 almonds, 20 g raisins, 1/2 apple
4. 1 boiled egg, 1/2 apple, 1/2 c. cauliflower mash
5. 4 oz. walnut-crusted salmon, 1.5 c. sauteed broccoli
6. 1 scoop Dymatize Elite whey, 1/2 c. light soy milk

Water: 16 cups
Supplements: multivitamin, calcium 600+D, 6 fish oil capsules

* RCR A-1 (63 min; 478 calories burned)
* 100 Push Ups W4D2 (10 minutes; 25/29/25/25/62 max)
* YF Yoga / Meditation Garden (15 minutes)

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