RCR W2D2: A Gym Chick’s Best Friend…

…according to my fit fashionista sister, is a pair of Lean Ass Jeans.

These are jeans that have 0% stretch to them, cost enough to give you a minor heart attack at the thought of parting with them before they are tattered rags, make your legs and booty look amazing, and, most importantly, only fit your ass when it is LEAN.

These are the designer denims that tell you when you’ve overindulged in pasta, fries, brownies, ice cream, and beer one too many times and put off your workouts for more than a week or two.

These are the ultimate in-your-face accountability partner because they are without mercy and dissemblance. They leave you with no wiggle room for “Hey, it’s all about progress, not perfection. I’ll do better next week.” Nope–you either fit in them or you don’t.

So make sure you have a pair of LAJs in your closet. And keep up with the clean eating and hard workouts lest that gorgeous piece of denim transform before your eyes into their evil twin sister: the Mean Ass Jeans that will taunt you for the rest of your days.

1. 60 g oats and raisins, 3 egg whites scrambled with 1/4 c. mashed cauliflower
2. 3 pork, leek, and veggie potstickers, 3 oz. silken tofu (~ 40 cal), 1 c. mixed veggies, 1 t. low sodium soy sauce with chili paste
3. 10 almonds, 20 g raisins, 1/2 apple
4. 2 oz. Oriental sesame chicken strips, 6 baby carrots
5. 3 oz. roasted chicken, 1 c. mixed veggies, 1/2 apple
6. 2 chocolate protein fudgsicles, 1/2 oz. walnuts

Water: 16 cups
Supplements: multivitamin, calcium 600+D, 6 fish oil capsules

* Outdoor HIIT Run – RCR Interval 3 (30 min; 260 calories burned)
* Yourself Fitness Cardio (20 min; 130 calories burned)
* 100 Push Ups W5D1 (36/40/30/24/70 max reps)

2 thoughts on “RCR W2D2: A Gym Chick’s Best Friend…

  1. If you’re able to do a max of 70 pushups AFTER doing four sets (!), you’ve gotta be getting pretty close to 100 on your exhaustion tests. That’s awesome.

    Casual Kitchen

  2. Why do fitness expert/sales websites always look so awful? Maybe I can trade some web design for free stuff. The RCR site is simply beyond.

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