RCR W4D2: Of Make Up Days and Artistic Ponies

OMG, I felt like I was working out all day yesterday between trying to make up the 30 minute HIIT run I missed this past Saturday in the morning and getting in the new RCR circuit (I switched over to the Weeks 4-6 workouts from the book this week) plus the extra 30 minutes of moderate cardio I just added to my plan and my 100 Push Ups week 6 max test (only 80 reps…I was pooped out). Oh, and I had to go to work, too.

I swear, I will not miss another planned workout again for the remainder of this 6 week contest, because yesterday was ridiculous. I don’t get paid enough calories to go through that sort of madness, dang it, but I wrote down 100% workout compliance as one of my Intentions for this contest, and I WILL achieve that even if it leaves me in a limp heap wallowing in a pool of my own sweat at the end of the day.

Food was on plan and water was stellar at over a gallon yesterday, resulting in a slight deflation this morning to 143.2 lbs.

Anyway, this morning I took to the streets for my regularly scheduled HIIT run (Deja vu…wasn’t I just running intervals yesterday morning?) but compacted it slightly by skipping the five minute warm up and cool down blocks and just getting down to business because I only had 20 minutes. I had a surprisingly good run despite being up until 12:30 AM finishing up RCR Circuit B2 yesterday. I used one of the TT style interval patterns: 30 second full sprint/90 seconds recovery for 10 rounds. I can’t do this pattern on a treadmill because it takes 11-13 seconds for the machine to ramp up from 3.5 mph to 10 mph and up, so by the time I’m actually going full tilt, the 30 second block is already halfway over.

I still need to get in another 30 minutes of bike/run sometime today, but I may replace it with a lunch time skate if it doesn’t rain. (2PM Update: Went skating on the roof of the office parking garage during lunch to take care of my cardio quota for the day. Yay!)

At work things are still busy, and I expect they will stay that way for the next 5-6 months. My team is working on three games simultaneously, so there is always something to do. On top of real work, a co-worker and I were talking about making custom My Little Pony figures from the cheap and readily available toys on Friday, and he decided that it would be fun to start up a company art challenge and throw it open to everyone. In two days, we have signed up 28 contestants and ordered 68 MLP figures for everyone to use as their base.

Here are some examples of custom My Little Ponies that others have done. Some are really amazing!


I picked up some Sculpey modeling compound for 50% off and acrylic paints yesterday at Michael’s, and I’ll be buying some paint brushes this week (with a 40% off coupon) as well since I threw all of the ones I had into the oil painting kit I sold on Craigslist a few months ago, not realizing at that time that I’d be painting customized plastic ponies this fall.

Our ponies won’t arrive for another 10-15 days, so the final entries aren’t due until November 21. I’ll be on a family vacation to Cozumel from Nov. 17-21, though, so my deadline will be a little earlier. I’ve already started collecting art reference and making sketches. This is going to be awesome!

1. 3 egg whites, 1/4 c. mashed cauliflower, 60g oats and raisins
2. 20g raisins, 15g walnuts, 1/2 c. veggie
3. 4 oz. Hi Fi fish sticks with 2 low-cal Mi Casa corn tortillas, 2 T. salsa, and 2 c. mixed green salad
4. 1 boiled egg, 1 oz. Mix ‘n’ Yogurt trail mix, and 1 peach
5. 1 egg white, 1 oz. Mix ‘n’ Yogurt trail mix, 1/2 c. green beans
6. 4 oz. Korean BBQ burger patty with 1 cup veggie and small salad with 1 T. light dressing

* Outdoor Interval Run (20 min @ 30 second full sprint/90 second recovery)
* SS cardio – Inline skate outside (30 min)

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