RCR W4D6: Unleashing the Rock Star Within

The evening at Rising Star kicked major booty last night. I got to go up twice since our group arrived right at 8 PM when the doors opened. (If you ever visit Orlando and want to check out the club, make sure you get there early and put in your song requests ASAP so you can get into the first and second sets. If you arrive after 10 PM on a busy night like Friday or Saturday, you are pretty much out of luck.)

I was also pleased to discover that the VIP CityWalk party pass I had won in the April Rising Star Top 10 Challenge that kicked off the grand opening of the club really WAS valid for unlimited entry to all of the clubs on property for me and 3 guests until the end of 2008, not just for one night. SWEET. I met up with my husband Chris, co-worker and singer extraordinaire Joe Russo, karaoke buddy Sarah Burnett, and her friend Stephanie outside the club shortly after 8 PM and snagged a table right by the stage thanks to the assistance of our favorite hostess/server who remembered us from the very first week the club was open and the Top 10 contest. She even mentioned seeing our eHarmony commercials.

Things had changed a little since my last outing to Rising Star in June: The song list had expanded to include at least 10-15 new songs (including two more Journey tunes!), there was a new host that I had not seen there before (the groovy D-Black), and the appetizer menu had been compacted to carry only $5 items that were about half the size of the old $8-$10 menu items. Oh, and for the first five songs or so, the sound guy had the volume on the singer’s microphone set too low.

Otherwise, it was the same rock star experience that I remembered. 🙂


Here I am belting out Pat Benatar’s Heartbreaker. I couldn’t hear myself since the mic volume was still set way too low at this point. 🙁


Joe is tearing up Billy Joel’s You May Be Right


Sarah and Stephanie at our front row table


Me and Chris in his new geeky chic glasses. Hot!


Sarah did a great rendition of Tina Turner’s Proud Mary


She was working it!


Here I am again doing Journey’s Separate Ways (with proper mic volume this time, yay!)


Getting the crowd to clap during the LOOOONG instrumental break


Shameless rock star moment here


Joe closes out the night for us with Tom Petty’s Free Falling

(See even more photos in the Rising Star 10-17-2008 album!)

And finally, here are some digicam videos of my performance of Journey’s Separate Ways last night. I swear I didn’t pay anyone to cheer! 😛

Second part of the performance:

1. 4 egg white omelette with 1/4 c. mashed cauliflower and 1/2 c. peas and green beans, 2 slices turkey bacon, 1 T. honey, 4 oatmeal pancakes (1/4 c. unbleached flour, 1/4 c. ground oatmeal, 1 T. powdered buttermilk, 1/2 egg, 1/2 c. water, 1/2 t. baking powder, 1/4 t. baking soda, 1/2 packet Splenda)
2. 15g walnuts, 20g raisins
3. 2 slices sauteed tofu, 1 t. Szechuan chili paste, 1/2 c. sauteed mushrooms and Brussels sprouts, 1/2 c. natural apple sauce
4. 1.5 c. chicken, shrimp, sausage, and veggie jambalaya with 1/4 c. brown rice, 2 T. raisins
5. Green protein shake: 1 c. light cranberry raspberry juice (40 cal/cup), 1 scoop protein powder, 3 baby carrots, 1/2 c. frozen spinach, 1 banana, 1/4 c. frozen cranberries

* Push Ups – Max Test (5 min)
* RCR Circuit B2 (~60 min)
* YF Physical Challenge and Cardio (30 min)

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