Crocheted Sackboy Update

I haven’t finished him up yet since I’ve been too busy to get to the fabric store for the final touch — a metal zipper and oversized pull — but here is my crocheted Sackboy with a bit more polish.

His mouth is made from a crescent-shaped sliver of black felt with a slit cut into it to insert the pink felt tongue, and he has decorative stitches made from black embroidery floss and darker brown yarn. I also improvised front flaps on his body to hide the edges of the zipper I will eventually get around to inserting. (For those who care, the flaps were made by slipstitching into the top edge of the body on one side near the neck, chaining one, and then single crocheting around to the bottom edge and around to the other side.)

Some additional optional construction tips from the designer of the Sackboy pattern I used (see my previous post on this project for more details):

  • Insert cardboard discs in the feet before stuffing them to make them flatter.
  • Consider using weighted polybeads in the legs if you want your Sackboy to stand on its own.
  • Insert an armature made of pipe cleaners with the tips bent over in the hands to make the fingers poseable.
  • Use teddy bear joints to connect the arms and legs to the body for additional stability in poses.
  • Note that the two halves of the head are positioned so that the seam line runs through the center front and back of the head with the spiral whorls on the SIDES to somewhat mimic the knitted stitches of the in-game Sackboy. Don’t put the seamline on the left and right unless you want your Sack’s face to resemble a cinnamon bun.

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2 thoughts on “Crocheted Sackboy Update

  1. That is absolutely adorable! It reminds me of the “clownie” that my stepdaughter carried around for years.

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