Crocheted Sackboy V.2

Finding myself in a chocolate and Animal Crossing-induced stupor this past Saturday night, I decided to do something semi-productive and started working on an improved Sackboy doll. I wanted to construct the head differently so it would have a circular, flat top, a true mouth, and a base that was wider than the forehead. The original pattern I used for V.1 of Sackboy couldn’t accommodate these things, so I just did it my own way. I’ve made enough crochet cat toys in the past two months to have a good idea of what needed to be done, so I wasn’t too concerned about messing things up.

Besides, crochet is a pretty forgiving craft–it’s a lot like sculpting in yarn.

So here is version 2 of Sackboy! He is an inch or two taller than the version 1, made out of a darker yarn to better match the character from Little Big Planet, and is generally more polished and true to the look of the in-game Sackboy now that I am more familiar with RichmondArt’s pattern.

I opted for a fake crocheted zipper and pull made from silver twine since a) I am too cheap and lazy to get to Joann’s for a real zipper, b) I had already stitched the center front of the body closed, and c) I don’t want to risk the arms of the doll getting snagged on a real metal zipper and getting all snarled and nappy.

My next version will be a “Spockboy” version for a co-worker who loooooooooooves the Trek. Stay tuned!