Little Big Planet’s Sackboy Knitting Pattern – Authorized?

Update (1/2/09): The Sun and Simply Knitting have apparently teamed up to offer a PDF of the Sackboy pattern for free as a download. Check out the full article here.

I’m in the middle of making a crochet Sackboy using a Sackboy pattern I bought on Etsy, but while digging around eBay today I also discovered that the upcoming January 2009 issue of Simply Knitting magazine (#49) will feature an Alan Dart knitted Sackboy pattern.

Simply Knitting January 2009 #49

I’m not really familiar with this British magazine, but maybe some of you living in more cosmopolitan areas of the U.S. can get a hold of a copy?

Otherwise, you can probably get a copy on eBay by doing a search for “sack boy alan dart“.

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