Spockboy (Custom Crochet Mr. Spock Sackboy)

So I was approached by a co-worker recently who was aware of my minor obsession with making Sackboy dolls from the PS3 game, Little Big Planet.

Well, this co-worker wanted a Sackboy, too, but not just any basic old Sackboy.

She wanted one dressed like Mr. Spock from Star Trek.

“OMG”, thought I. “How funny would a SPOCKboy be?”

After a bit of planning, a bit of improvisation, and about a day of work, here he is:

(More pics of Spockboy in my Picasa album!)

8 thoughts on “Spockboy (Custom Crochet Mr. Spock Sackboy)

  1. smarty – I was thinking about doing Data or Picard next, so you may get your wish. Hmm…Worf would be great, too, and I do have some brown yarn….

  2. That is absolutely adorable – definitely the perfect gift for a Trekkie. 🙂 The fingers that are doing “Live long and prosper” are PERFECT.

  3. So cute! Neville looks PISSED for having to share his comfy chair. I would definitely be interested in one…what about Deanna Troi?

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