Garden Geekery

Down here in central Florida, it is already time to start our warm weather vegetable and flower seeds and to direct sow our cold weather vegetables. My indoor seedling nursery has not been set up yet, but I HAVE cleaned up the square foot garden, raked in more compost, and replanted with lots of leafy greens, stir fry peas, edamame, and my favorite, Bright Lights Swiss chard.

I love watching the little green seedlings pop up out of the (temporarily) weed-free raised bed! It’s just as much fun as seeing the first indoor seedlings appear in their little peat pots. This spring I would like to try to successfully get a small container herb garden going as well as plant my usual variety of tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants again. Some heat-tolerant leafy greens like mustard and malabar spinach are also on the list…and I MIGHT risk some zucchini, even though I don’t have a ton of room for it.

And while the Vardaman sweet potatoes are now firmly established and self-propagating (check out my mid-winter harvest below–and those are just from the volunteer vines I had to tear out of my raised bed, not the main patch!), I want to order an assortment of end-of-season white sweet potato varieties from Sandhill Preservation Center to plant in June.

(I’m getting my spring seeds going this weekend after consulting my handy seed starting spreadsheet and’s Outdoor Planting Guide.)

Are you gardening yet in your part of the country, or just scanning the seed catalogs for this year’s must-have crops? What do you plan to grow this year?