By Jove, Bananas!

Once upon a time, I ordered a dwarf Cavendish banana plant from Park Seed on clearance for $4.95. It was cute. It had 6 little leaves poking out of a quart container. I put it in a bigger pot and moved it out to my apartment balcony with a southeast exposure.

My lil’ Nana got bigger, but not too much bigger.

Dwarf Banana (MUSA DWARF CAVENDISH) received from Park Seed on 7/14/2005.  This tree arrived with about 6 big leaves...and has b

Then I moved in my my boyfriend (now DH), and we bought a house together. I decided that my baby banana tree needed more room to grow. I transplanted it into the ground by the garage.

It liked the Florida weather and sandy dirt a LOT. It is now over 10 feet tall and has sent up enough pups to make it around 5-6’ in diameter. The main tree is the one with the tallest leaves on the left.

Oh, and it has finally shot out a giant dingle dangle loaded with green bananas. (Again, from the tallest trunk on the left.)

DH wants to chop it all down. I convinced him to hold off until we at least get some ripe bananas off of it. It’s got until mid-February or so, then DH will be going at it with a chainsaw. Let’s hope the bananas are ripe by then and not blackened by an unexpected frost, because there is enough to make a whole year’s worth of green smoothies.

One thought on “By Jove, Bananas!

  1. I hope he doesn’t chop it down! We used to live in Sebring, FL and planted some banana shoots given to me from a friend out front. They grew and grew. We were finally getting our first bananas on them and my husband’s company transferred us to cold Ohio. I checked out the house on Google Earth and darned if the new owners didn’t chop those poor banana trees down. 🙁 Looks like they killed off some of the other nice bushes we put in, too.

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