Procrastinator’s Guide to Fitness

Sometimes diet and fitness sabotage are related to a problem with procrastination. I’m listening to the Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play on audiobook during my drives to and from work, and it’s amazing how many of the traits exhibited by chronic procrastinators also turn up in those who have trouble sticking to a diet and workout regimen to the end.

For example, procrastinators:

– are overwhelmed by the scope of large projects

– are fearful that if they finish the work needed they will only have MORE work to do (very true in the case of achieving and maintaining fitness)

– are afraid that no matter how hard they try, their work/results will be criticized or considered not good enough

– are so determined to be perfect that any setback throws them off

– can never truly enjoy their leisure time and activities because they feel guilty about not completing work tasks

– tend to talk to themselves in negative, self-defeating ways like, “I HAVE TO eat only plain chicken breast, egg whites, and broccoli until I reach my goal weight” or “I SHOULD get up at 6 AM and exercise.” These words make the fitness journey seem like a burden and chore, and cause some people to lose motivation and others to want to rebel against the health authorities.

There are many more insights in the book that I don’t have time to list, but the solutions can be applied to all areas of one’s life, not just work and fitness.

The primary solution is to JUST START. Over and over, every day, even if it is just for 30 minutes. You may never come to love exercise and clean eating on their own merits, but once you START enough times, you’ll definitely see and feel results, and I guarantee you will love those results enough to keep coming back.

I checked out the digital audiobook for free from via my library’s site. Give it a listen (or read) if you have a chance!

3 thoughts on “Procrastinator’s Guide to Fitness

  1. I agree with the concepts in this post. This is definitely how I got started getting exercise and eating healthy into my daily routine. Nowadays, I don’t even argue with myself whether I want to go to the gym or not…I just go. I will definitely give this a read. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Maggie,
    I love the positive tone you set in your blog… keep it up!

    And yes, JUST START is a great solution… nobody says you have to finish anything, but if you don’t start something you definitionally won’t finish it. Just get started and see what happens–you might surprise yourself.


  3. Oh man – there would be a picture of me in that book (if it were a paper copy)!!!!

    Those points that you listed describe my personality to a T. Sounds like I should get a copy of that sucker and start reading/listening!

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